Blueberry questions from swampland USA

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Are you asking Autos or the fruity mixpack or?

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Clint movies are CLASSIC!!! On a different note, I purchased the fruity mix pack. Everything is going good with the pineapple & strawberry, but I am speculating that the indica percentage couldn’t handle 90% humidity outdoors, the intensity of the sun, or what is your opinion? Thank you, brent


gotcha, well the sativas do much better in that climate but the blueberry should still do okay I would think. Remember they’re indicas so they tend to get bushier than the sativas. Pineapple is one of my favorites! @S.FloridaSwampman

What are you seeing from the BB that you don’t like?

Maybe post a few pictures so we can see what issues your having @S.FloridaSwampman

@bob31 iieee…love those old clintwood movies. For a Few Dollars More…one of my favorites.

I was wondering that myself. Same state as @S.FloridaSwampman but further north. Was thinking of an outside stealth with a few autos come spring. Asked @Countryboyjvd1971 in another thread same question. Since he is here too, just wanting to know which would be good for here in the panhandle.

@cyberblast love the panhandle! I have friends in Panama City and over in fort Walton.

The great thing about autos is that you can grow them year round. As long as the temps are warm enough. You might have trouble in those two weeks of winter you guys get but otherwise you should be fine. Just consider the humidity and bud rot. As long as you can keep an eye out on that it should be fine. Well circulating area.

@Countryboyjvd1971 @S.FloridaSwampman

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I would go to seed shop in search put outdoors warm climate strains the bba is a outdoor strain :+1: @cyberblast and should do well

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@bob31 yea, family likes it down here. Am not fond of the climate myself but love the fishing. I am a northern person myself. But the wife spent years with me in the north and wanted down here so figured it was my turn.

Didnt know they could handle growing this time of year. Yea, our 2 weeks of winter might be a problem but actually could grow a couple right now. Coldest it gets this time of year is in the 40’s at night. Might just order some autos and put them out. Also, this time of year humidity is alot lower so bud rot wouldnt be as much of a problem @Countryboyjvd1971

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Yep exactly! Are there particular medical needs or preference for indica or sativa dominance? @cyberblast if so I can maybe make a recommendation for you. I’m on my third set of autos and I have found them all pretty easy growing but they like a little cal-mag on flower

@cyberblast the autos will do fine in winter in the pan handle and they can handle a little frost once they ate in flower and mature
your in the panhandle so it does get cooler than other parts of fla
I think if you get them started ASAP you have big enough plants by the time you get frost warning
And if it’s possible you could brin* them in if you know that frost is going to be a issue at night ?

@bob31 yea, I have pain issues…pretty bad actually, so need something that will handle that but without the couch lock that some give. Need to be able to be active or at least able to choose by amount consumed.

@Countryboyjvd1971 Frost wont be an issue here till Jan, early Feb. Last year didnt even have any. Going to look into ordering some with all the sales that Robert is having right now.

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so a sativa dominant

Amnesia Haze Auto is what I have growing right now. I haven’t had any yet but it gets high marks! @cyberblast

I also grew the AK47 in the spring. It’s more of a 50/50 hybrid that a Sativa dominant. I like it though!


My auto blueberry were in my green house with temeratures over 110f plus my first grow started in september beat the crap out of em in every way and they are doing great!!
I would recomend the bb autos for sure
Although I am in the las vegas desert not much for humidity but they can handle some serious heat and adverse conditions
110 was just the average a couple times my green house hit 130
I freeked out and pulled em ouuta my green house but they seemed to love it.
Also the weather here in vegas just dropped and some nites I am gettin 40
f and they seem to like it just fine but back in the green house
Just my input hope this helps.

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@Growit Thanks for the input. Made up my mind. :smile:

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I’m jealous and wish I was watching a Clint eastwood movie but mets not hijack this thread:slight_smile:

@Fever just mention blueberry. You are covered then. :roll_eyes:

I am sorry for not responding sooner, but I was never able to get the blue
to go. I must be at fault, for whatever variable I neglected to perceive.
In my previous message I warned you I am a MORON at times due to a
catastrophic event, so could you help me figure out what plant is what? I
have Durban Poison, and that is easy to see, yet there is two in question.
How do I upload Pics, so I can forward them. I mixed them up A typical for
​I screwed up trying to forward pics, so I will try after work today. Thank
you, for your patience in my bumbling ways. Respectfully, Brent

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Depends on the device
But here is a screen shot
The lil arrow at the top of the page opens the options
Still learnin about uploading and stuff too
Hope this helps

I apologize for not responding sooner, but I am slow at technology at times. I posted about blueberry, and I stumbled into how to respond. I love pineapple, Duban Poison, Strawberry, from the fruity pack. I want to clarify the fact for some unknown variable I couldn’t get blueberry to go. They just DIED!!! The formentioned have done well, so being in the Panhandle you should do fine. The pineapple could jam you up because it’s bud period can be long. The logical area is above the freeze line, so that’s why I mentioned it. I read your introduction and our age set, lack of knowledge, and you probably remember the Dewey decimal system looking up the Book, “Marijuana Grow Bible”. I read all the new things that’s been introduced, and I am overwhelmed. Anyway, since I ordered late, procrastinated germination, just before the fall equinox. My saving grace was down here our first day of 12-12 with decling hours of light was on the 27 or 28th of September. I am going to forward a couple of pics taken today of pineapple & Durban Poison. I hope it was helpful because everyone is really helpful here.