Blueberry photo width

Looks like about 95% auto grow journals here for Blueberry. We went the photo route and if anyone else here has done ILGM BB photo, can you advise the “width” habit of the strain? Info here suggests the plant grows wider than normal so we could use some help on plant count in a 4x4, if it does get really wide should we just flip to flower once there’s a good canopy?

Looking to see how BB photo should be treated for best yield by way of pruning, stress training etc. I’m thinking if it fills out wide quickly and fills up a canopy tent wide does the strain do well if flowered early or is it more complicated in terms of trimming width plus height?

And finally if anyone has a “best practice” in terms of when’s the optimal height to begin flower on a plant that grows “wide”.

This is basically with all plants. Aim to train them wide and keep the canopy level.

What medium are u growing in?
And what kind of lights?
How much experience do you have growing?

Scrogging involves placing a net on top of her and weaving branches thru it to keep a certain height. Most people flip lights around 75% full with a net.

Lst/cropping/supercropping is training via bends and folds to keep the canopy even. I use these methods with every plant I grow. Keeps them the proper shape/height for my space.

Blueberry is a pretty heavy leaning indica. She may benefit from a bit longer veg then most, just to establish the solid foundation, but if grown optimally, she can be flipped early and still yield well


This is basically what I was looking for. Not new to agronomy in general but new to the differing strains of cannabis and how they should be manipulated in a confined grow space to take max advantage of the genetics rather than not having experience with a strain and treating it like I would of say, the gorilla glue we’re in the middle of. Net info makes it look like this strain turns into a table rather than a tree on it’s own, so I didn’t want to guess at “letting it ride” and finding out 4 plants are too much for a 4x4 in terms of would the canopy fill out in 4 weeks or so with 4 plants trained correctly or is 2 or 3 a smarter choice in a 4x4 where the canopy gets where it needs to be in 4 weeks or so. With the GG it was known to grow tall so we used topping and lst to control height.

You mention it could benefit from a longer veg, is that to fill out canopy or to get the plant to a substantial size to support flowering for max yield? Just trying to learn as much about this strain as I can before launching it.

Thanks for that info, definitely will help us make decisions.

I need to ask questions better I think.

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Blueberry was 2 grows ago for me. I really like the strain and am smoking it now. It grew like any other indica hybrid in terms of size and shape.

Training practices, lighting, and so on, imho, are far more significant in how the plant “shapes” up naturally.


Bit of both. And as usual my disclaimer. I havent grown blueberry straight up. Just a few crosses with it in there. But ive seen quite a few being grown. @Gremmall was just showing off his Amnesia Blueberry. And she grew into a flat table top bush with minor manipulation.

The prolonged veg is to both allow it to fill the net, expected canopy area (itll probably start a tad slower then GG but pick up as she spreads her legs). And to reaffirm the yield.

From the top


That isnt the amnesia blueberry lol. That’s my lucky charms fem. She did take a great shape on her own tho.

Heres the am-blueberry :point_down:

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Sweet pics guys! If that’s what’s considered a “table” then that works out perfectly. Looks like about the same height when we scrogged the GG, and that’s a great shape you have there.

I’m a bit of a control freak so trying to learn everything I can about strain habits before I run them is just part of my DNA. The GG is actually the first grow I’m in control of and so far it looks great although there were little mistakes here and there. I can’t tell how much I’ve stunted the plants or whether their yield will be at max value or not, but for a first grow so far they look textbook. Only way to really know would be to clone the best one and see if I can get more out of it, problem is we have more strains to go through and at the moment we’d rather not spend 6 months on running one strain.

Thanks for the input folks, greatly appreciated. It’s why I really only use this forum as a few of the others seem more like kids with an attitude rather than people with experience willing to spread the knowledge.

Thanks again guys.