Blueberry OG & Master Kush OG. Aero System V2

Way to much light at this point in the grow I would dial it back to 50% or raise lights IMO
I don’t go to 100% until the flowering stage

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How high you think they should be raised? 40" sound good? The left light i can dim…the blurple i can only turn the red or blue off


The 2 biggest ones have had a stressful start. Hopefully i didnt hermie them lol.

I would only use 1 light right now but when you do run the blurpal use blue light for veg and both for flowering
Here is a good thread to read and to get the proper amount of light you would want 25-30 DLI right now and to get that you adjust the height and or the intensity of lights used


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Awesome. Thanks a lot

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Ok that’s just weird
I saw Star Wars too, and thought I was just geeking out and nobody would relate so I lay low


Are you growing Feminized or Auto seeds?

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The blueberry are feminized the russian its a regular seed. I actually have a 2nd one that im just gonna leave in my aerogarden. Im hoping the one in the main system is female, and the one in the aero is male…then i may try to pollinate 1 branch off eavh type although idk if i wanna risk it yet. Will figure it out later

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As long as they aren’t auto I think you’ll be okay

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Im hoping! I had one of the russians hermie on me last grow. These blueberry og ones were too expensive to be anything other than female though :joy:

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Nice setup! One day I’ll try that but for now it’s pot soil and fox farm lol.

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Happy turkey day everyone.

After 1st week in the new system, here we are…bumped the e.c from 1 to 1.86. Supposed to be at 2.4 week 1, but the 2 in front are still young.

I created some issues for the 2 in the back with the 1 e.c. and had deficiency issues. Pretty much had to trim everything from back left except for top, so topping or fimming is not going to be an option. Think im just gonna LST or possibly super crop. Ill save topping for next grow.

Plant in the back left already has pistils…that was a shock. Maybe from stress?

Last week/today

Back left pistils

Current nute conditions:
60 degrees. Will stabalize between 65 and 68…had nutes in fridge too long lol

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