Blueberry not purple

how cool? and for how long? how did you cool them? details please. :blush:

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Day temps were Around 72-76f
Nighttime temps averaged about 60f for 4 weeks, but in the 5th week of flower I let them drop into the low 50’s for a week. When the purples started to show I gave them a night of high 40’s. Then back to the 50’s and 60’s until harvest.

It was a “cool” experiment, the buds looked gorgeous, but I feel that the cold temps may have reduced my yield

It’s a good smoke though. Plenty potent. Ilgm black widow.

I also tortured some plants outside last November. Outdoor temps were hovering around 32f at night, and 40-50f during the day. They, (granddaddy purple) turned a dark purple.
Unfortunately it was really wet/humid. Combining the crap weather, with bud rot, and less and less sunlight, they never made it to harvest.

But I do know now that cannabis can withstand some cold nights and survive.


Wow looks amazing I’ll drop the aircon down a couple more degrees!
My friends black widow has never looked that good


Remember this part.

The cold temps are selectively locking out nutes. So while it’s pretty, it may give you less than optimal yields.

Ok cool well I only have 4 days to go so I don’t think it should affect the yield too much I have set the aircon to 16 degrees at night and 24 during the day so I think it’s just a little warmer than what you had

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At this point it couldn’t hurt much. But it probably won’t change much either.

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Let me know how it turns out I love the look of the color in the buds

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