Blueberry mutant?

Hi. New outdoor grower here. I’m growing a blueberry muffin clone and today I noticed that the leaf structure on the top growth of this plant has completely changed. It’s no longer the distinct cannabis leaf shape, but is growing out with just single leaves now. What is going on here? Has anyone seen this before? Plant seems to be growing fine despite the change.


It looks like she may have been in flowering mode before and is now transitioning back to veg mode. She’ll look a little funky until she makes the transition. She may possibly continue to grow odd fingered leaves throughout the grow. Nothing to worry about though


I think you’re right about the veg part. I noticed a few plants starting to flower when I moved them outside, but they have switched back to veg again now.

Thanks for the advice and thanks for your service.


Yes, I definitely agree. I had the same thing happen. Good news is, they usually end up pretty beasty :v::green_heart:


I’m along for the ride with you now lol, this has peaked my interest. Funky plant, funky buds?? :love_you_gesture:t2::love_you_gesture:t2:

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Checking back on this plant. It’s been coming along nicely with the heat we’ve been having recently in New England. The new growth has straightened out, and the leaves are developing with the normal cannabis leaf structure again. Weird fluke I guess.