Blueberry Muffin DWC day 18 flower

This Blueberry Muffin from Humboldt Seed company is only day 18 of 12/12 cycle. She is taking up almost half of the tent herself! She’s a wide one! Really excited to see what this plant is going to produce.


Holy Moly that’s crazy awesome fir day 18 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I know right!? It’s why I love deep water culture !

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One day i wish to learn how to replicate your method. :pray: thats one fine happy plant :potted_plant:

One of the best strains I’ve ever tasted

Nice job

My new hero :muscle:NH. If you open up classes ill be your 1st paying student… lmao for real…:rofl::rofl: im really amazed bro

Nice plant. Wish I knew how to make bushy like that.

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My favorite time, when the buttons pop all over. That sure is going to fill that tent. Love it.

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LST. That’s my secret haha :shushing_face:

Another update :call_me_hand: I’m really like the way the TPS nutrients component kit is working with this plant. However my only complaint is if I had another bucket or 2 going. Idk how far the kit would go on some of the bottles. Just look at that healthy flush green though

@NaturesHealing your BBM is lookin great. I have the same BBM going from humboldt. It’s my first grow. She’s doing ok…still in veg. About to flip to flower this week.

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Looking really good! This strain legit smells like no other. Has its own distinct aroma and I absolutely LOVE it!