Blueberry kush photo first grow

great job. that looks awesome. hows that trim bin working out?

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@Jackie_Daytona The trim bin worked great. I almost just trimmed into an empty coffee can but I had to go out anyway so I grabbed one. The amount of fine dust that collect under the screen was pretty awesome.


@Hellraiser I apologise for asking because I know you spoke about this recently I just can’t find the post. It looks like my buds were a little too dry when they got tossed into jars. After 48 hrs in the mason jar it’s reading 51%. So do I put in a ringed out damp paper towel in there with them for like 24 hours and then continue the burping process until 62%? And if I reach 62% quickly do I continue to age them in the dark for a couple weeks to get a proper cure just without burping?

@Hellraiser ok, found it. Quarter paper towel wringed out for 12 hours. Is more time in the jar required after reaching 62% though or is the cure done once that water concentration is reached.

A real cure takes a few weeks to occur, airing out the jar daily for gas exchange for the first week or 2, best to get the RH a bit over 62 so you do gas exchanges daily (just open it for a minute for 2 - a quick burp) without it getting too dry.


Decided to take the open jar in the room while I shower and seems to work ok. I imagine the buds will slowly absorb the extra humidity and I can slowly bring it up to the correct rh while doing gas exchange for curing.


Stoked beyond measure for this!


Lost one main cola to bud rot. As I was trimming out fan leaves the bud separated and I could see the brownish kind of dissolved bud so the hole branch got thrown out. I don’t know how I got it running like sub 40 rH all through flower. Oh well, overall it was a successful grow.


My clone mother has recovered quite nicely and I’m watering her very sparingly until her root system gets established. I may flower her or test out a SoG method while I get the strawberry cough running, haven’t decided yet.

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