Blueberry Kush Hydro grow (DWC)

This is one of the blueberry strains that won the cannabis cup. The seeds cracked on Oct 1st. These pictures are Nov 8. Grown under 2 1000 watt leds ( am adding another 400 watts for bud cycle). It is a DWC system without forced circulation. PH 550 - 620. PPM starting out 150, then after 2nd week 300 and am at 450 now. I am going to change the light cycle on the 10th. I check PH and PPM once a week and adjust water as needed.


Wow they look great! Nice work!

Try to. Take pictures for us to truly admire in normal lighting.
Looking good.

I usually do but there is no incandescent or window light for that stealth room. I will try with CFL light to get better color. I added 2 CFL’s red band for light change to light the corners ends do not get as much light from the Led’s.


These were taken on Nov 15th -46 days since the seeds cracked. I am now in the 12/12 cycle (only 3 days). For non circulation system they are growing pretty good. They are drinking 2 gallons a day now and I have upped the fertilizer to 600-750 PPM. In two weeks I will change the water and introduce Bloom at 900 PPM. This is a high maintenance system as the bubbler effects the PH and I have to check all pots every couple of days. I set ph at 600 and in two days it drops into the 400’s.


No reservoir? More water = takes longer to PH fluctuation

I have 10 gallons of reservoir but because it is not a recirculating system each pot has a different ph. If I drain the system and refill the res it spreads evenly but 2 or 3 days later I have the fluctuation. This is my 5th grow with this system. I have improved with each grow. I have grown since I returned from Vietnam but in soil - much easier but indoors the hydro is faster. I am going to build a recirculating system as I have an empty room in the house now and it is bigger than the stealth room I built. ILGM!


These pics are 5 days into the 10th week, 3 weeks since light change and 5 weeks from harvest. I am proud of these ladies…


I can see why your proud, you should be. Beautiful ladies, nice work :v::green_heart: