Blueberry Kush Grow with Mainline Tech

Hi everyone!

I’ve been growing 3 blueberry kush plants for 4 weeks now. I had a little scare with my plants so I came here for help. Been here ever since. I found this forum to be very helpful especially the grow journals so I decided to make my own. My own little way of giving back to the 420 community.

Here are some details of my grow:

Strain: Blueberry kush by ILGM
Grow medium: Coco coir
Nutrients: Floranova Grow/Bloom, Plants magic magne-cal
Grow Area: 2ft x 6ft x 7ft
Lights: 6x40watts CFLs per plant at full veg
2 x 250watts HPS lights for bloom

Week 1

I started feeding with Root-it plant first feed.
Here’s what the ladies looked like after a week.

I had temperature issues after germination. Caused the seedlings to stretch.


Week 2

I’ve switched their nutrients to Floranova grow. I would continued with the Root-it first feed but I only had a sample sachet from a propagation tray I bought. I fed them with 1ml per gallon every other day and watered everyday. They seemed to be happy with it.

Here’s what they looked like at the end of week 2.


Week 3

I’ve upped their food to 2ml per gallon. I realized it was a bit light for them later but less is more. You’ll notice the leaves weren’t green as they could get but I’d rather have light leaves than having darker green leaves with burnt tips.


Week 4

Between week 3 and week 4, day 25 to be exact I transplanted the ladies into number 1s. At the time they were already being fed 3ml of floranova grow per gallon and 0.5ml of cal mag.

I buried most of the lower stem to make more real estate. It’ll also grow out new roots too.
After transplanting I checked the PH of my run off and it was 7.5 after watering with PH of 5.5. Any contributions are welcome.

Thanks guys.


Week 4

Its Day 28 and I’ve been observing the ladies. They seem to be doing great so I thought I’d do a little pruning. I intend to use the mainlining technique in order to achieve dense and evenly sized colas so I’m giving it a short on 2 of my BK ladies. They are 5 to 6 nodes tall now but inter-node spacing is really tight.

Before Pruning:

After Pruning:

So I topped 2 plants at the third node and left the leaves on the second node to help with photosynthesis. I was told I started the started the process too early but I read from some weed blog that its best to start early. Anyways time will tell if I made the right choice.

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Nice so far. I’m no expert but it looks good to me. I’m on my first grow too. And i topped mine at the third node too.

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Nice healthy plant. How old is she and what strain? Do you plant to mainline?

I top my girls at the fifth node then leave I did top one twice n tied her down creating a mainline but then I backed out and let her just go all natural so to speak she’s now a monster wish id of kept training her now tho


They look good. How long did you veg em for?

The one in the picture there was vegd for 8-9weeks had to open her up to let light get to lower flowers she grew amazing defo better then the girls who only got topped the once Il be watching how you get on as I’m interested in the mainline style of growing seen some monsters grew that way

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Aight @dibbz I’ll keep the posts coming

Don’t know the stran. I got the seeds from my buddy. It’s my first real grow. Last time in the late 90,s i just through seed in dirt and put in… I had them in vegg for 6 weeks. Thanks for your compliment.


Il say this just incase u make the same mistake as I did watch how tight u tie ur colas down I slightly split my main stem lucky it wasn’t to bad and abit of duct tape she repaired herself just a heads up for u tho, happy growing bro :slightly_smiling_face:


I did that with one the other plants. But she’s still looking good. Thanks for info. Happy growing

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Dam now That’s what I’m talkin about. How long in flower


I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks man

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@skinnieboi10 no worries and @Bnunu she’s four weeks in flower so still awhile yet I’ve got four of the same ready for harvest in a week and a few widows in veg lol I got the taste for growing and haven’t looked back I love it I’m sure you guys feel the same about your passion too and this forum will help you alot it has me :slightly_smiling_face:


@skinnieboi10 thanks bro. It has helped me.

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Hi guys!

My plants are 5 weeks old today. I already topped them in prep for my mainline technique. The ladies seemed to be growing well until 3 days ago. I began to notice small brown spots that look like small splashes of mud. I noticed the spots yesterday and 24 hours later I could tell they got bigger. Some leaves seem to have the brown coloration along the edges of the leaves. Each plant has four fan leaves on the lower nodes from where they were topped. They also don’t seem to be as green as they were when they about 2 weeks old.

The new leaves at the top of the plants seem to be even less greener than the older leaves. I don’t know if its a calcium or potassium deficiency. My run off PH has always been around 7.5. I flushed several time during this grow and kept feeding with PH 5.5 - 5.8 but it didn’t change so I let it be since it didn’t have any negative effect on the plants.

Any tips on how to reduce the PH of my root environment will be much appreciated. Please guys safe my plants.

Here are some pics of what the plants look like now and close ups on the leaves.

Week 5

This one has always been they least developed since they were seedlings. It also seems to be the most affected by the brown spots.

This one is the biggest of the 3 and seems to be least affected. But when you closely you can tell she affected too.

This is the mid-sized one among the 3. Its affected too.

@garrigan62 @Countryboyjvd1971 @peachfuzz @Oldstoner @dibbz @Bobbyb

I hope I’m not a bother. I’m just a grower try to do the best for his precious plants.