Blueberry Kush auto not budding

Hey, Second time grower here.

I got some Blueberry Kush autoflowering seeds . planted two, one survived. Growing in a 2x4x5ft Vivosun tent with 300W LED vivosun lamp. Using Soil as a medium and 20:10:10 once a week. I’m careful to wait u til the top inch or 2 is dry before watering again (sometimes 3 days in between) Temperature oscillates between 73 at night and 85 during daytime. Humidity during veg state was 55-60%.

The plant started showing signs of feminine sex (white hairs at nodes) about 4 weeks ago however they never turned into buds and the plant keeps growing new leaves. the little white hair (singles or doubles) are now turning brownish without sign of flowers. I have never checked soil pH… (duh! i know)

i will add a picture. Any advice or opinion on why it’s not budding? The plant is now about 3 months old…

I had a white widow auto that didn’t flower, I dropped my light schedule down to 12/12 and that sped things up a bit. Hopefully it’ll help you too

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Definitely time to do something different. The light schedule would be the first to change.
Might also change the nutes to a bloom schedule.


Your fertilizer is 20-10-10. Too much N to bloom with. Great for veg. Try a higher PK, wait a week or so, then switch lights to 12/12. By then it should have enough of correct nutes to transition. And try flushing out the N first. Hopefully the light switch will trigger her to flower

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it worked!
Gave it some PK formula, continued the 12:12 schedule and it started blooming buds!

thx for the tips

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now a month later. I flushed the soil in the past week (may have done it slightly too early) and the fan leaves are starting to turn yellow slowly. That main cola really stretched out too much. I raised the light a little too high …

Trichromes are mostly clear still and pistols are about 10 % brown, maybe less. Judging by the pictures (been flowering for about 30 days now) my guesstimates is about 2 wreks before harvest?

I apologize for al the typos…

Let’s see some pictures in clean white light. It helps people to help you. It looks like shes eating herself. Thats normal at the end of growing cycles.

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right! I’ll take some tomorrow.

here it is. (it’s supposed to be autoflowers seeds but I had to change photoperiod and this plant ha been going for about 5 months total…)

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here’s a closeup if some trichomes.

Those on the white pistils are still quite clear.

These are more cloudy. any opinion on harvest timing?

edit: better pics

4 weeks. There are still white pistols and clear trichs.

thx guys for the answer!

It’s been 2 weeks, i think i’ll try harvesting a few branches this week end. It looks ready and the trichomes are now all cloudy. I would take a pic but my handheld 60-120x mic is finicky. i’m lucky i get to see the trichomes i move so much with it.

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post drying : 46g of fragrant sweetness

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Congrats, looks great