Blueberry ilgm strain auto

Few weeks tillH, how do you tou turn these beauties blue
Or is this just a gimmick

You can try cold lights out temp. If you can get it consistently under 60°f at lights out, maybe. But cold roots means slow development. Throw a bag of ice on top of soil/medium last few nights. It’s really more up to the plant.


Is it pressing to get blue? Alot are falling over because of bulk lowers are just getting bulk

Lights out are 65 tops.

welcomed to the community @COOPER84123
Temp is one point of color change but genetics had a lot to do

Happy growing :metal::christmas_tree:

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Looks like any other amazing from this site. Just not that crazy blue. Looks like WWidow honestly

Like @Mefis low temps can help trigger colors, but moreso to do with genetics.


The colors really have nothing to do with strain. They make it look that way only to sell the seeds. Any plant can show any colors, it is just individual genetics.
In this case “Blueberry” refers to the taste/smell and not the color, White Widow refers to the frostiness that is possible in a good grow.

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my blue berry
All strains when temp drops late harvest or certain micro newts are used during flowering can express certain color changes

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@COOPER84123 , everyone prior is correct with the lower temperatures (both during day/night cycle: if possible) and the particular genetics/phenotypes associated with that plant. A 15°F (+/- 2°F) swing in day and night cycle temperatures, from and ambient temperature of 72°F, can (most of the time) bring out the colors in your plants.

You may have to hunt through multiple packs of that cultivar to find the color pallet you’re asking for.

Would love to see some pictures of these beauties. Love the bud porn.

Happy cultivating

3 colas bent due to weight, so I cut and hung. Okay to enjoy without flush??

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Color doesn’t really matter. It’s currently beautiful enough
… WW was easy, beastly and beautiful .

I’m growing a single ILGM BBA. I’m growing in my basement and haven’t done anything extra.


I don’t think a flush is necessary at all. The only thing I do is try to cut before lights come on. I feed right up to harvest time.