Blueberry grow anyone?


Is anyone using or growing blueberry i am not far away from harvesting. Did it work as specified, how long in flower etc, and does anyone have pics of plant?.


What do you mean did it work as specified? lol

It grew very big and it has a berry flavor and it got me high, if that is what you mean by work as specified. It took about the 63 days to flower, as specified in the seed’s section’s details. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures. I also did not get any of my buds to turn blue-ish as in the picture, but that won’t change the smell or high.


Hi, Thanks for the answer, the plant is bigger than i thought, and has not turned blue, i thought i was doing something wrong. The work as specified bit is, i am growing it for medical reasons i have polio i dont want to be stoned all day i want to help the pain and still be a bit awake. Its been in flower for 42 days. Thanks for your help.


I’ve got one blue berry growing right now. If you look in the fun facts in the support group there is a post called. HUGE BLUEBERRY. The BB is 20 / 80
Indica dominate With high cbds
Hope that help some


Hi Tom, Thanks for the help.



i just did my first blue berry and same thing verry nice but no blue but i have seen the same with purple strains some seeds don’t color up .


Hi Timmy, I have a week to go in flower no sign of any blue but the smell is fantastic. I wonder what the reason is?. Maybe macGyverstoner will know.


Hi :slight_smile: i just chopped mine it’s the first one iv’e done just the one seed didn’t color at all but big tight frosty hairy buds that totaly look and smell the part .I thought it was just genetic’s but keen to for an expert opinion too ! .


Hi, could you let me know how it smokes.

Take care.



Absolutely every strain can be made to turn blue-ish or redish purple with cold temps at the end of flowering. You can turn any marijuana strain purple by exposing it to 45-50* F(7-10*C) for a week or two the last couple weeks of flowering.

Some strains like blueberry will turn easier than others, or even some blue may show in the right phenotype even without much cold. When growing from seed, you don’t necessarily get the exact same thing showing up in all your seeds of the same strain, you might have to find the right phenotype in your strain and then keep clones of that phenotype. However, for the most part, potency and flavor will be the same for all the seeds of a particular strain.

Hope this helps,



Hi, Great information. The smell is fantastic and the plant looks very healthy. Checking the trichomes every day, this being my first attempt I am really looking forward to it and a bit nervous. Thanks for your help.



will do soon as its dry:)


yeah i had a white widow go purple out side in the cold color is nothing ,cheers for the info Mac .


smokes up great ! :smiley:


Will the strawberry require the same temp change to go red/pink, or will it be colorless as well?


“Plant features:
This high yielding Strawberry Kush is also a fast bloomer with glistening buds that do not need cold temperatures to turn color.”

This is what it says in the description…



Hi Timmy, Thanks i hope to be trying mine shortly.



smooth smoke with a strong taste & smell high lasts long time and good pain relief .


Hi Timmy, Thanks, i am at the flush stage so not much longer.


:smiley: good stuff ,i’m now about to turn again like i said 2 weeks and full i’ll post a pic soon .