Blueberry First Timer! Done?

Hello again. Do you guys think this is done? There are not many amber heads, just cloudy. Should I weight for more to turn amber? This is a Blueberry Indica.


Depends on your taste in how you want your high to come out. A jeweler’s loupe or portable microscope (preferred) will let you zoom in on the trichs to assess their maturity. Cloudy for maximum THC or a little amber if you want a more couch lock, sleepy feel.

Looks good enough to eat on a cracker I would say its Done!!

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That is gorgeous!

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Beauty. If you’re at least all cloudy at this point you can cut it.

Trichomes tell the tale but I won’t be surprised if that is perfect from the looks of it

Thanks everyone!
Indicas should have more amber T’s then Sativas, correct? These girls dont have many amber T’s, but everything is cloudy.
It’s my first Indica grow, that’s why I am asking.

Never heard that before…
Guess it depends on the high you’re looking for

It doesn’t really have anything to do with the type. Indicas typically amber up BEFORE a sativa mostly due to an indicas having a shorter flowering time.