Blueberry Fem seeds- Auto

First time grow have 2 blueberry going very nice. Do I need to change light schedule to start flowering? Currently on a 18/6.

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Are they autoflower or photo plants?

Description says autoflowering…

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@Bjw you can keep them on 18/6 if you want…i run mine between 18/6 and 14/10 throughout it’s lifetime,hope that helps.

Autos will flip there own switch, but when, it verys with strain and seed. Making the switch your self will throw them into flower if that’s what you need.

Thanks. I read they will almost double in size while flowering and I am almost at my max height for my indoor area.

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If your at that point I’d say flip the switch and let the fun begin . Some double, some triple, some dont streach hardly any.