Blueberry Fem Auto - Pollen Sac?

Hey there fellow growers!

Thank you in advance for your help! Have learnt a lot here in the last few weeks from the multitude of users who help us newbies out.

Please see attached pictures. My gals are about 4 weeks old. I made a mistake of not changing my LED from seedling to vegetative stage after the first two weeks. So I think they’re slightly stunted and maybe some stress caused too. Secondly one of my gals has a few sacs that are looking like pollen sacs. Wondering if she’s turning hermie?

Whilst my others do not at all. Hence my concern.

Hope y’all can help me clarify!

And again, thanks heaps!


Looks like pistils coming out of them, so not pollen sacks. It’s kind of odd they are receding like that so early though. I wonder if maybe you didn’t have a nanner pop somewhere else and pollinate a few.

You said this plant is 4 weeks old too? That is a lot of pistils for being that young.


@dbrn32 what do you mean by “receding like that”

The pistils will start to pull back into calyx if pollinated or nearing end of life. Found this image online, should help.

images (1)


I don’t see pollen sacks I see calyx’s. Weather they are receding of not, can’t tell without before and after pictures.

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Thank you folks!

dbrn32 - There weren’t any other plants. I planted 4 seeds. Two stunted so I pulled 'em out.

This is my first Auto grow, so assuming that I left my light on (vipar spectra tc600) half bloom half veg for two weeks accidentally, I’m assuming that’s why they’re so ‘pistilly’. Accidentally forcing it into flower too early because of the light spectrum?

I’m interested to see how much bud they produce considering what you said too.

Thank you for that infographic. Definitely puts my mind at ease.

Will keep the thread updated.

Welcome to the community looking good ,I see no male part.

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Light spectrum won’t make the plants flower. It is the length of time lights are on that makes photoperiod plants flower. Having tunable light spectrum is more of a sales gimmick that allows grower to change light spectrum in stages of growth, but isn’t necessary for most lights.


Interesting you say that, in the last 3 days under full veg light they’ve lengthened out quite a bit more since I boosted the blue light to full and dropped the red light and UV light right back. They seem to have reacted quite well. Though considering it’s 4 weeks and they’re clearly entering flower it could be that too hey?

Not sure I understand what you’re saying, but it doesn’t matter what color leds are on to initiate flowering. They could be all blue, all red, all white, or any combination of those or any different color. Autos are going to flower when they flower based on age and photo plants are going to flower based on reduction of amount of time they get light or when mature if already on a short light schedule. Different wavelengths of light can make plants behave a little differently. Red light for example can cause internodal elongation. But won’t make your plants flower unless other situations are true.

I have been at this for a while. Have flowered with mh when some people say you shouldn’t. I have vegged plants with hps when people say you shouldn’t. I have molested, taken apart, put back together, grown with, thrown on the floor and even hit with hammer countless numbers of led fixtures. I have even custom built several of them that you could probably see in action somewhere here on the forum, even assisted others in building their own. You can do a lot with multi channel grow lights, but not initiate flowering by adjusting the emitted light spectrum. It is likely just a coincidence that you were adjusting light at time they were transitioning to flower.