Blueberry Clones

Ok guys, it’s been a long time since I started a thread. And most of my other threads were cut short because all of my plants were unfortunately killed one night in a fit of rage by my girl friend. So, I’m going to get back into the mix of things, because I miss the community and I finally have time to deal with my girls and give them their desired time.

Before all my girls were so horribly killed, I was able to save one of them. Surprisingly, she came back from death, and never turned hermie. I got extremely lucky, but I also think it’s in part due to the genetics of the Blueberry strain. Anyway, I brought her back to life and put her into flower. Before she flowered I took some clones. I harvested the mother blueberry and got an amazing 4.5 ounces off of a plant that was basically dead!

Now, the clone is in flowering, and has been for a week (let’s call this clone A). Well, from that clone (A), I took another clone. Let’s call that clone, clone B. Ok, so clone B is getting so big, she’s ready to go into flower next week! I already took some more clones from clone A, but I plan on taking some monster cropped clones from clone A once she starts flowering. If that’s too confusing, I apologize. But basically, I’m taking clone after clone after clone. And all of them are turning out beautifully!

Here’s a few pics, I just super cropped them today, bending the top branches down to the sides, aiding in light penetration. This will allow for bigger denser buds on those branches. Hope you guys enjoy!

This is Clone A, in the flower tent.


5x5’ home made flower tent.
Fox Farms Trio Nutrients
600w HPS electronic ballast
pH is always 5.8-6.0
Water temp always at 69-70F
Room temp 76-84F
RH 40%-50%
12/12 light cycle for now. Will switch to 11/13 next week, then 10/14 a week after.


Welcome back ktreez…that’s a sad ending to the other girls, good you kept the one going and I look forward to your updates and photos!

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Thanks @kabongster, it’s nice to get back into the mix of things!
I love growing my Mary Jane and having a community to relay back to.


Nice looking lady there. My grow is almost identical with ph and environment. 5’ 10" square with two 600 sodiums. (For flowering)

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I was debating getting a 2nd 600w fixture for my flower tent. How do you like running 2 in your flower tent?

. At first the demand seemed too much. They were always yellow. Nitro bat helped but man I had to really load the stuff on. Got good weight though.



These are pics from my first attempt in twenty something years.


Now that I have been hanging out here, (so to speak) I have learned how to keep them healthy even with this much light. They have been in transition to flower for a week and I am giddy with anticipation.


This is the pic I meant , to show lights.

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They are much bigger now. Gonna have a full room. :smile:

Nobody that I smoke with has buds this tight.

That includes dispensery stuff. No joke.

Looks gorgeous! And I believe you about the buds! My first harvest got me some of the best buds I had smoked, and that was still a shitty plant! My most recent harvest did in fact give me the best buds I’ve ever smoked. I gave some to friends and they all agreed on how spectacular my home grown bud was compared to all the buds we’ve bought over the years. It’s such an awesome feeling to know that you can grow amazing weed, and I honestly owe all my success to this community. I learned so much and was able to put it into action, then come back to you guys with any problems or questions. It’s great, and I love it. I wish we all lived in the same area because I feel like we could come together and do wonderful things in the weed community.


There is no doubt. :slight_smile:

Updated pics from today. Day 16 of Flower.

My next Blueberry clone is going into flower next week! I’ll make sure to post pics when I do.



Nice plant. I look forward to seeing her in a few weeks. :slight_smile:

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This is what I’m doing on my Saturday night lol, changing water for my DWC buckets.
Gotta love it! That’s dedication haha!

But anyway, I decided to put my other Blueberry clone (Clone B) into flower tonight when I changed the water. I gave her all 3 nutes, Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom (Fox Farm). PPM is at 1000. Her last week water PPM was at 900 and she’s been thriving, so I bumped it up for her first week in flower. pH is always leveled to 5.8
I will post pictures in a little once I finish with my other girls weekly water change.

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Update pictures, day 18 of flower!
I did a water change today for Clone A. I gave her all 3 nutrients again.
PPM is at 1500, pH is 5.8
I also lollipopped her. A real lollipop. I always do a little bit of a lollipop to all my plants, but never anything drastic. Well this time I decided it was time to try.

Also, last night I put Clone B into flower. Here are pics of her and clone A in the flower tent.