Blueberry Bud Outdoor Grow


This is the top of the plant that grew to over 7 foot.


If that’s a ilgm seed , you need to inter it into the bom contest… could be a winner… :wink:



That was grown from ILGM seed, but I cant find the May Bud of the Month comp.


Dude you got a 7ft ILGM winner. Get in BOM!!!


I think if you type in bom … it will pop up in categories… :wink:
She’s a pretty girl… :wink:



Did it take a shower? And did you use head&shoulders.:joy::rofl:


@Viktor7 Yes she had a quick rinse, but without shampoo. (The shampoo in the photo is Head Strong)


Good deal. Take a good shot of top and put in competition. Bud is huge purple and pretty.