Blueberry Autos Droopy

I have a blueberry auto flower that has gone droopy on me. She is about 3 weeks in flower. Being that I work at home and they are a couple rooms away, they are always kept in the ranges they should. 5.8 ph, temp 76-78, water temp never over 70, and humidity 40%-50%. Currently feed them the GH trio, right now little Beastie Bloom with some MPG 0-0-2 in place of hydrogro all is about 1200 - 1400 EC. The roots are crystal white, some of the best I have grown. The light is a 600 watt 20 inches from plant. And is on 20/4. I know I have good exchange the sides of the tent are sucked in.

Yesterday I did an EC check on it because it had been drooping and it was about 480 EC. I did change the bucket to straight water and MPG and the perked up after the lights came back on but was dropping again today. Did a bucket change today right before lights out with a full comp of nutes. I did add an additional airline because the roots are so tight in the bucket, probably due to I like to drop the water level a little in flower. About 3 gallons.

I can usually figure this out, know these blueberry autos pretty good, been getting up to 10 oz off a plant. So they like me, and I like them. lol Any help would be great

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Are those in soil or hydro?

@smellybilge droopy autos, I would recommend giving them 12/12. See if it helps. It’s an auto. It still needs a rest period.
Hydro, probably need a larger airstone.
Check ph
A combination of all these could be.


Any way to get your humidity up to 60-70% for a few days? Might be having some vpd issues?

Flowering my grow in 5 gallon buckets…they will go tru one gallon a day.
These are 4’ plants. Suggest you add more to make sure the root bound ladies have plenty of goodies needed. Essential to provide all the Lady needs.

BTW…tent should NOT be pulling a vacuumn. Open vents or add intake.

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@tanlover442 Opened bottom vents before night time and they perked straight up. I guess I would wilt also if I had my pants over my head huh? Question, She is in a little need for some CalMag. Question is when using CalMag do I need to run the PH up to 6.2 or will the CalMag be used by the plant @ 5.8? Thanks for the help.

Oh ya nice Tan! lol

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that is not a sign of air exchange, it is a sign of negative pressure inside the tent.!
like Tan said… open some vents on the bottom.
where is your thermometer located.?
u should be measuring temps at or above the canopy.!

she looks over or under watered, or heat stressed,
raise the light up as high as u can for now, this will relieve her some,
if she is over watered then u need more aerated nutrients,
if she is under watered idk what to do…???
if it is heat stress u need better air movement.

this is not good this early, u can get away with it later on when their water uptake slows,
for now they need as much of a res as they can get.!!
a plant that size could use 15-30 gallons of DWC.

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@SlowOldGuy You were right on, exchange was bad. I had raised the light a bit. Best thing about this little bump is it responded quickly so it tells me she will be fine. Thanks

From an even Slower Older Guy


Dun no nuthing bout cal-mag …can’t help there