Blueberry Autoflower's


Hey Everyone!
First time posting to the site, but I’ve been reading for a while now. I purchased 3 blueberry autos from ILGM and this is my very first grow and I have a small closet tent 2x2x4 and I have two girls growing in 3 gallon pots. All 3 seeds sprouted but my tent isn’t large enough for 3 so I gave my buddy the 3rd plant. I germinated them on 1/2 and 2 sprouted on 1/4 (the 2 I still have) and the third seed sprouted on 1/5. Here is the most recent photos I have. I just would like to know what people think of them ( do they look healthy/sick, growing right height, size, etc.). I did LST on the right plant and she now has a lot more colas than the one I let grow naturally (just tucking large leaves down).
Thanks everyone!!!
Happy growing


The photos in the tent are right after watering. I will take a photo and upload later! Thanks!


Looks nice I got 5 of those seeds too haven’t germinated them yet but will soon will be following this to see how they do happy growing :v:t2:@MattyBear



Nice setup! Girls look good
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Got too tall in a few places so I had to bend down a few colas. The top leaves were taco-ing a little so I put the light as high as I could and bent down some stems.


They’re looking awsome and healty :grinning::+1::ok_hand:

~Al :v: :innocent:


Smart move, that will definitely help! Great job dude, they’re looking awesome!



I had to bend them back over the canopy towards the middle because I don’t have room to go wider. Is that ok to do? Is it going to block too much light down the middle? Thanks in advance for the info!


You seems to have enough lights coverage for that, do not worry to much about that :innocent:

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Should I be watering with nutes every water throughout the middle of the flowering stage, or use pH’d water every 3rd time? I know I should use just pH’d water for the last week or 2 for the flush. Thanks


If you don’t want to have nutrients build up and risk nutrients lock, it’s preferably a “feed water water feed” schedule and if you see your plant showing some under feeding symptome , go with a “feed water feed water” schedule.

Hoping that’s helping you @MattyBear

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@Niala thank you! I’ve been bouncing around reading a lot of ideas and I like the info you offer! I hope my girls are about done growing in height now because my light is as high as it can go! Did more lst to try to control the height and width.


You’re welcome @MattyBear, it’s always a pleasure to help a fellow grower :grinning: and thanks for the kind word, it’s really appreciated :+1: :innocent:

It’s a good problem you have, just make sure you have a good ventilation and a RH between 40 to 50 % to avoid moisture build up and you should be fine :grinning:

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I have a 2x2x4 space with one small fan blowing on top, a tower fan oscillating on the ground and the in-line fan for the carbon filter and my RH is hovering between 50-60. What can I do (with very limited space) to lower the RH? Temp is at 73degrees. Thanks!


Welcome to ILGM ! Glad to see you here. Those are some nice looking auto’s ! Keep us posted on their progress.


Thanks @TxGrowman. I love everyone’s willingness to help on here! Here’s another noobie question… once the buds start putting on some weight, will they get taller or just thicker/wider? Thanks!


Should do both.


I see that your temperature/moisture meter is clip to your pot and it’s ok to have that kind of humidity from the soil level, just take a reading of it at canopy level, that’s were the RH should be between 40 to 50 %,

If the RH at canopy level is still to high you can raise the speed of your fan, if you can , or go with a cheap moisture controller like this one who will provide a relatively stable 50 % RH

Or with a mini deshumidifier like this one

Hoping that’s helping you @MattyBear

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@MattyBear I didn’t read it anywhere and all of your trend but whenever you start your nutrients start with quarter power of what it recommends instead of doing 4 Mills do one maybe two but you don’t want to shock your plant by just going fullbore with your nutrients just a heads up if it hasn’t already been said