Blueberry autoflower soil questions

hey, I am now 8 weeks into my first grow. I am growing blueberry autoflower. I am using soil from A Pot For Pot. Has anyone ever had problems with this soil. It seems like it is 80% coco and 20% soil. I asked the staff at a pot for pot if I would need to add nutrients. They said I shouldn’t have to, but could add a third of the mfc’ mfc’s directions. Every time I have checked ph it has been really low. I have been watering with a ph of 6.8 and it has helped. I started feeding her about 5 weeks in. I have buds forming but they don’t seem to be growing very quickly. There are probably 30 or so.

if anyone can offer any advice I would be grateful. May your spirits be high in these crazy days we live in!


The reason your buds aren’t properly forming your lights aren’t powerful enough. Hard to tell from pic, what type of lights do you have in tent.


Looks pretty decent for an auto. Also fairly happy.

Lighting is def holding you back. But, autos do mature at their own pace.

How are you adjusting the water pH?

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Thanks, the grow light I was using (T5) kept overheating and cutting off. So I had to make due on a budget. The white bulbs you see are LED(1650 lumen each) and I also have a different strip light with red & blue spectrum that has stayed about 2-3 inches above the top cola. Then there are two more LED red/blue spectrum lights as well for a total of 6. I h a very been running them at 21 hours a day. I moved lights for the picture, but all 9f them stay around 2-3 inches away from the plant. I also rotate the plant a little bit every other day. This girl budded early, just shy of 6 weeks. I will have to save up to get another light. The online place I got the T5 is going to send me another one. I can’t think of anything else. Temp stays 75-80 degrees and humidity was around 50 ent during growing stage, it has dropped a little to around 40 percent in the last couple of weeks.

Try dropping the available light to 18/6.

I have been using ph up drops. To be honest, I did dilute and pour some of my urine on it once, which helped it a lot! I still think something is off with the soil though.


Judging by the tips of these leaves, I’d hold off on anything but h2o

Urine contains nitrogen. Typically fine. I don’t see indications of N excess, but from now on just use the toilet when it’s pp time.

I’m not sure of the “pot for a pot” instructions, but most pH up can wreck your bacterial/fungal biome in a living soil.


Thank you, I will try that. It is a very small tent- 2ft by 2ft by 4ft. I have more seeds but can only grow one at a time. I want to get the light issue worked out before I pop the next one.

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Good lighting gives good results. It’s an often overlooked ingredient to cultivating.


Thanks. I really appreciate the help.


That’s why we’re here.


I am also growing 2 blueberry autoflowers in FF soil, using ph-balanced water and some Bio Bizz and FF nutrients at varying stages. They are 12 weeks from germination. One of the two plants has great bud structure and grew as I wanted it to from the beginning: into a stout 20" bush with heavy buds growing up the main stem and on the branches. It’s almost at the point of harvest. The other one? It looks as if it is just barely getting into the 4th week or so of flower, it got way too stretchy and is getting almost too tall for the tent. Same seeds, same genetics, same soil, same light routines, etc. But the plants do seem to have a mind of their own and I’m certain that minor variations in soil chemistry, temperature, water etc. affect plants differently. Looks like you have a generally healthy plant; be advised that the whole 10 weeks from seed to flower estimate is under the best possible circumstances, and it may take a bit longer with the setups we have.

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Interested to see how you finish up. Autos can be very unpredictable.

Good vibes and good luck :v:

I had a t5 light that malfunctioned, and I tried it again. Works so far, but I am not taking any chances. Ordered an LED light thats the equal to a 400-600 watt HID. It should work for my 2x2x4ft tent and 1 plant. Thanks again!

Sounds like an amazon blurple.

Which light did you order?

I tried my T5 light that cut off twice on me in April. Its working so far, but I am not taking any chances. I ordered an LED light at grower’s house. Its equal to a 400-600 watt HID light. It was only $99. She’s improving with that T5 light, the pistils are growing and buds are getting bigger. Will send you a pic close to harvest.

Prisim 158 watt LED from growers house.

Not really, but it should be close to enough for a 2’x2’.

The new light has worked great. I think she is deaxy for harvest. But the pistils are not brown ing all o er the plant. Some look ready and others are still milky colored lower on the plant. Should I wait fo r the others to bdow or harvest the ones that are ready? I have read cases for both approaches. Any input would be helpful.

Aliexpress has inexpensive full spectrum lights I’ve used this past winter and worked well. $25?,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_