Blueberry Autoflower not flowering-planted in May

From a fellow grower: I planted two seeds from another seedbank back in May, one DWC and one in coco, they are growing like gang busters, green leaves and very healthy looking plants.They are almost grown into the light, not good. IF they keep up they’ll be real monsters! Problem is they are showing no signs of flowering at all

Blackberry Autoflower


Coco for one and DWC for the other

6.5 coco 6.3 DWC

900 EC/TDS

Light type LED full spectrum

Temps lights on 79-81 lights off 70-75

45% RH at 3 ½ months growth


Humidifier Na

C02 NA



Switch your light cycle to 12&12 maybe that will Jumpstart them into flowering :bouquet::thinking:

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I would say their photo period and not autos, flip the light to 12/12 and flowering should start in next 7 days or so :love_you_gesture:


I would say you were given photos instead of autos or there one of those autos that like to veg out more before flowering i had a gorilla glue auto that was in veg stage for ten weeks before it flowered

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These pH numbers are more in line with pH recommended for soil. I am surprised it is not causing problems.
These charts are from growweedeasy


regarding your questions - answered
probably the autoflowering trait malfunctioned or it is a photoperiod. Change the light schedule to initiate flowering.
Caution, depending on the actual veg time and strain, you may need to prune and train prior to changing to 12/12. The extent needed depends on the amount of space the plants have to grow.