Blueberry Autoflower no flowering

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA- Blueberry Auto

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? Happy Frog soil

System type? Hand water

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 6.3-6.5

What is strength of nutrient mix? ? Nectar of the Gods…the good stuff!!

Indoor or Outdoor indoor

Light system, size? 8 bulb HO T5 veg and flower bulbs with 2 UVA for flower

Temps; Day, Night 78 F - 70 F night

Humidity; Day, Night- 45-50%

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size…Door opened hourly

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, Humidifier

Co2; Yes, No NO

One of my Autoflower plants haven’t flowered after 5 weeks. The other two are in flower, but one looks like a sativa.
How do you suggest I force it to flower? 12/12 won’t work as I only have two lights. Only option would be to force it for 3 days but then, if it is a photoperiod plant, it will revert if given 18/6 like the others.

Looks like it could be a genetics issue to me with one looking like a sativa, and one not flowering. Not even sure if the sativa looking one is actually Blueberry. Def not bushy at all.

Any suggestions? Thanks

I would say post some pics so we can take a peak!

Is the door opened hourly even at “night”? Asking for light leak purposes.

If it’s an auto, light leak isn’t really an issue bruv…


I actually have mine on 24 seven trying something different normally I do an 18 on 6 off but the way they grow figured the more light the better see what happens


Yea bruv I also do 24/0 with my autos, until I see the first signs of buds then I drop it to 18/6 for the remainder of the grow…

Cheers :beers:


No, not opened at night…the other two would have been effected but
they are in flower.

You are wasting power as tests show no difference in growth.

No offense, but posting pics won’t solve anything. It’s clearly not in
flower and the other ones are. It’s healthy as all get go with no
deficiencies. I’ve been growing for years, just never Auto.

I’m sadly leaning on bad genetics as one looks like a sativa as well. Sure
as heck isn’t an indica and is too strong with Rud. side.

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I’ll post some pics if requested by Grow tech support. I really need advice from people who have had this happen and have grown Auto. Auto and photoperiod are a bit different in a couple ways.

All plants really need a dark period and a drop in temps. But if you are happy, then right on man. The benefits won’t outweigh the added power expense at all. IMHO

@Mr.Spliff I appreciate the comments last night I actually changed it back to 18 on 6 off

Not being a pure strain, and you already mentioning sativa, I would think it’s just taking a little more time to flower as Sativas usually do.

Autos go by their own schedule no matter what you do. Don’t lose sight of your first rule…patience.

Since these are taking longer than expected to flower, I would consider extending the estimated flower time as well. Remember to let her be fully into flower before starting your day count.

Can’t wait for my own to come up. I’ll remember they may take longer than expected to flower.

Good things come…


Hey @Mr.Spliff, not only have I had this problem but I"ve had it with my own Blueberry Autos, when I looked into it a bit more I found out about how the Autos were made and by what cross of plant .
It seems you"re having the same symptoms as mine, I bet your plant is about 18-24 inches tall with very thin leaves, mine was! And you"re just lookin at it and sayin" WTF is this, I did too.
The Autos are crossed with the Ruderelis plant which grows fast , and is relatively short, because of its origins in Asia and the Soviet Union its a tough little plant that can withstand harsh conditions and complete its life cycle in a relatively short period. Now , crossbreed this plant with an Indica (Blueberry) dominant , and you have a great “Super Weed”
Unfortunately this one seed in particular is carrying a dominant Ruderelis gene and will never make it to Full BB auto potential, I grew mine till the end and learned a Ton from the grow, It Did eventually flower and Bud, but was not particulary a great smoking strain. This is what you may have.
These are actual photos of my grow . Goodluck , and Let it Grow !!! <*)))><{


There ya go man…yeah anything more than 18/6 is just a waste of
power man. Peace

Thanks for the comment. The Blueberry is a hybrid on the indica dom side
but crossed with 2 other sativas. Two are bushy like and indica and the
other clearly looks like a sativa. She’s now on day 40 and preflower just
started. The other two are in day 10 of flower and looking good, despite
one looking clearly like a sativa. She must just be really really slow.
Once the tap root hits bottom of the pot is when they go into
flower…hard to believe it hasn’t hit bottom 10 days after the others
in the same pot with same nutes and soil. I’ll just let it go. Sure would
hate to see her at day 50 and not having a bud crown showing. She is a
beautiful plant trained so such a wonderful even and flat canopy with 8
tops at least.


Thanks for the reply. I kinda thought it might be a genetic thing. This
lady is so beautiful I would hate to see her not going into flower. Her
indica bushy appearance is beautiful with a nicely trained canopy and with
about 8 tops begging to pop. One of the nicest looking indicas I’ve
grown…come on baby…get your crowns…please!! I’ll just
let her keep growing,but she was stunted for a while.

Who knows, maybe the seed fell wrong side down when I dropped it in which
has caused this to happen. Hmmm

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Yup, even I fell down 8 steps of un- carpeted wooden stairs when I was very young, and just look at me now!!


It cost me $50 a month to run my lights 24 seven I think I can handle that I used to run 2 tents and for the autos it really does not matter they will grow 1212 which I’ve done they will grow 18 6 which I’ve done and many people grow them 24 on I thought I had had my timer off but it was actually on so they’ve been on the 18-6 cycle since the start but I appreciate your concern for my light bill