Blueberry Autoflower LST week 9

does she look normal to ya’all? Week 9 from seed…


Nice! My blueberry autos are about a week behind yours.

What do yours look like?

This is my biggest out of the two

And correction I am two weeks behind you

My blueberry auto from ILGM at about 6 weeks.

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BB Autos looking good. At 6.5 weeks from breaking soil. Buds do not seem as big as yours, nor is she as bushy. Of the three growing (Northern and Amnesia), this one is by far looking and doing the best!

Since I was running out of space, I had to LST although she was in flowering stage already. Hope I did not stress do much.

For my first attempt, so far so good.

I’ve learned so much from the great support here. I’m lucky to have found this community.

Happy growing!

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just took this today… Why are my fan leaves so small

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I LST’d the shit out of her tho:)


Same, I did not do any lst until mine started flowering because I started running out of space in my 2x4 tent.

@StateFarm425 That is one impressive beast! So full and about double the bud sites as mine! I can clearly see the difference with LSTing! Next time, I will limit to one plant and focus on maximizing yields. For my first grow, I took on waaaay too much with three plants in a very small space.

Looking forward to the updates!

@Cicada Yah, bit off more than I chew, to use the cliché. Three plants in a space for probably only one. I think what saved me is that two of them are in 1/2 gallon pots. Since this is my first grow, I ordered from A Pot for Pot and went with the small kit. Next time, making my own soil and going with one plant in a bigger pot!

How are your girls responding to the LST in flowering?

@PP3121 The plants are doing really well with the lst so no issues there. My issue is one of mine is in a 5 gallon pot and the other is in a 7. The roots are already coming out of the bottom of the seven gallon and I thought about transplanting but didn’t feel like it was worth the risk.

That must be a beast! And here I am in 1/2 gallon pots!

That will be impressive to keep watching, and to see what is possible for my next attempt. I’m slowly gaining knowledge, acquiring tools and materials, and most of all a feel for the plant.

I have really been hands-off and they seem to be repaying me. Of course, a long way to go!

Looking forward to seeing the progress, especially if you decide to transplant.

I am taking my time and just using this as a good learning experience as well. Definitely will not transplant unless it becomes extremely root bound but I do plan on moving up to a 10 or 15 gallon pot for my next grow to make sure they can reach their full potential. I was so underprepared for this entire undertaking

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Holy shit dude are they gianormous or what? My girl responded well to the LST. I took everything off of her that was holding her branches down and now I’m gonna let her do her thang lol I’ve been feeding her a bunch of nutes and ferts. Fox farm grow big, big bloom, and tiger bloom. I also have this plant food I bought from fred Meyer its npk numbers are ridiculous so I bought it… Plants are responding to it fine it seems like. Npk is like 10-54-10 lol

I just got my hands on 4 cuttings from my buddies photo he is growing. Throw them girls under 24 hrs on!