Blueberry Autoflower looks a lil off

Up until this week, the plant looked to be doing great. Went to check on it this evening and noticed that a few leaves looked off. I checked the symptom checker and think it looks like Boron or pH issues?

The pH has been stable at about 6.8. I’ve been feeding the fox farm dirty dozen at about half strength.

Other notes:

  • Blueberry Auto (ILGM)
  • five gallon pots with FFOF
  • light is HLG 260 on a 12/12 cycle.
  • plant is about 10 weeks old.
  • alternate feeding and water with CalMag

Thoughts? The pictures make the leaves look more yellow. In person they look a healthy green.

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Wow, that doesn’t look blueberry at all. That looks all sativa. The 6.8 is the runoff or input PH? And what are your ppms? She looks pretty healthy overall.

The PH is my input water. Last I checked my PPMs week and a half ago (don’t typically water to runoff) they were 1700 or so. Generally in line with the FF schedule.

Also. I know right?! She had indica leaves until flower and then they thinned our big time.

1700 is pretty heavy. What schedule are you using? The original fox farms schedule is on the 700 scale for ppm. If your meter is a 500 scale meter you may be pushing too much. I adjusted this chart for 500 scale meters.

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Well, that’s the schedule, but the PPMs on my paper version that came with the box are definitely different. Just looked and yep… 700 vs 500. Suppose a flush might be in order? (New at this)

Plant doesn’t look bad so don’t think a flush is warranted. Just add second plain watering to your schedule before feeding again and let those ppms come down naturally. Unless you’ve been adding nutes for 4 weeks. You’ll want to stick to the flushes on the schedule because salts build up pretty quickly with fox farm nutes.


Appreciate the help!

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So. Could this be a pH problem? Seems that it is getting worse. I did a flush on Sunday as it was scheduled anyway and got my PPMs under 1000.

Checked soil and it could use a watering today so I went back upstairs to prep my water. My pH had been pretty consistent since I started this (or so I thought). Got my Apera 20 pen out and it read 8.3!!! Momentary freak out. Did a two point calibration Juuust to be sure and tested again. 6.5. Phew. Left the probe in the water and the result started creeping up… got to 7.0. I took it out. Rinsed it. Got new water and put the pen in again. Now it reads 7.1, but every few seconds it goes up a tenth. Rinse and repeat and it goes to 7.4?!

Ummm what?

If I recalibrate I get the same result (low result that gets worse every subsequent test).

Here are pics from today.
image image image image image

What were you testing? Runoff, tap water, RO/distilled water? That sounds very similar to readings you get when testing low PPM water. It bounces all over the place since there’s not enough solids in the water to hold a true PH

Tap water. I get the smiley face, but then it drifts.

What’s your taps PPM? And does it hold ph in the reference solution?

Just checked. It’s ~40. Good point about holding a reading in the calibration solutions. It does.

This might be crazy, but could it be that I’m not feeding… enough? Not giving the plant the full dose of FF.

Argh. It’s getting worse. I think I just need to make it a few more weeks but at this pace… it won’t.

I’m sorta in an analysis paralysis in that I don’t know if I have nute burn, pH lockout issue, or a nute deficiency. It’s time to water tonight…

Uploading: 7EE6F3FA-FA79-486B-9B01-7C54D9660E72.jpeg… Uploading: 2FF5E4AC-9507-4C23-A3FA-849C33690F96.jpeg…

image image image

Sorry for the delay, I didn’t get a notification. That 40 ppm is too low and that’s why your ph is bouncing around when you try and test it. It takes around 100-150 ppm to get a solid reading

No worries. (Though your customer service rating just took a hit … jk)

Appreciate your thoughts on my issues.

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Over the next few weeks you may want to start defoliating that Bush. Start clipping the leaves that have exposed stems. Don’t take 100 leaves at once but take 10 or so a day. She’s focused on building those buds; not keeping the fan leaves alive. Plus by doing so, you’re going to really open up the canopy and give the lower growth some light and allowing air to blow through the plant which will prevent bud rot conditions.

As an example, you can see the transitions in these pics. Bush to streamline. I could have removed even more from the amnesia

Amnesia haze

White widow

So in just over a week the plant has gone from a healthy green color to something of a mottled green, yellow and brown. Lotta red pistils burnt as many trachoma as I would expect.

image image image image image image image