Blueberry Autoflower harvest and why is one not blue?

Hey Folks, first season with these auto flowers. These are Blueberry. First wondering if its getting close to harvest time, second, wondering why one of the plants is green and not blue!!


You are expecting a blueberry strain to show blue colors?

There are a few strains that show colors, but it is often due to environmental differences and not due to the strain. That said, some strains will naturally display a purple color, for instance.

The major differences between strains are really limited to terpine profiles. Cannabis is cannabis, and is most often green, regardless of strain.


Yes, please click on the second image which is just showing a s a link and you will see what the other plants from the same seeds look like. They are blue.

I just harvested a blueberry 2 weeks ago and she didn’t display any colors other than green.

hmm I wonder why alll of mine except one have that dark blue purple color. Thanks for your response.

Purple is a fairly common color for cannabis to display.

There’s a ginormous caterpillar in that purple bud😱
(On the linked pic)


@MidwestGuy did u notice the pillar on the purple pic. Def a pillar lol.

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Good catch!

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I caught it first lol
Just saying


Nice colors and fat pillar! Kill that dude! Lol

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I was in the mist of screenshot and loading when u commented. First thing i seen lol was crazy eye went right to it

Fish bait :sunglasses:

Yeah I saw the purple, but then I saw that monster


Good eye. Put the microscope on him. He’s smoking a hookah.

Last season I grew all BBerry and while it didn’t turn blue or purple I did notice they had a tinge of color and were very prolific with trichs and quantity,I got a lot of bud from them…My only regret was that I grew only one strain…but hey live learn…

@MidwestGuy True! Last year my BBerry was green with darker green here and there (mild night temps) This year my batch (autos) quite a few turned purple …As I understand it colder cooler night time temps can cause almost any strain to “purple” .This year night temps went down to mid to high 50s .One of my bruces is dang near black its so purple?

Colder temps can bring out colors. I maintain higher temps (70F+) on my plants and rarely have colors show. I grew an orange barb a few grows ago and the orange pistils (once dried) made the whole flowers look orange. The flower and sugar leaves were not orange, but the pistils sure were.

Blueberry is my second favorite strain. I harvested a BB the second grow ago and it’s what I am smoking now. I just harvested and cured a bubblegum, but I won’t smoke it until the BB is gone. I gave 2 zips of the bubblegum to a friend yesterday.

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Sounds good! Yeah being outdoors I rely on Mother Nature…and sometimes she can be a mutha`…But the suns free so hey… Yeah my Blueberry was pretty potent and tastes good but not what I was expecting…It really didn’t have that blueberry smell and taste that I remember from the dispensary’s and from a buddy a few years back…His REALLY did smell and taste like a Bluberry .

I’m guessing that the commercial growers and very experienced growers have the environment nailed to bring out terpines like this.