Blueberry Autoflower all different


Grew some Blueberry auto flower I bought here. Same care, location, soil, etc. They all look totally different! No way they are they same type of plant, who the hell knows what they are at this point. From now on, no more autoflower for me.


Can you post a few pictures
Ive grown the bb autos and have good results?
I also know of other members who have grown them in the past also with great results

Also more info on you set up would be good
Type of nutrients and feeding schedule etc
Pits or directly in ground


Every seed is different. They aren’t clones. This is what you see within a strain; expressing different phenotypes within the strain.


I"m kinda new to auto’s. my question is I read an article on auto"s and it read to continue watering until harvest,that does"nt make any sense to me I know that 2 week’s before the fall axis that my Northern light’s and white widow"s I give them 1 more good flush and let nature take it"s course,but I just don"nt understand watering until harvest can you clarify this for me? I"m going to use a t-5 @ 2 40 watt bulbs for growing inside it"s getting dangerous out side and my N.L are frigging huge also W.W are the same I"ve got to move my next grow inside I am trying to secure info on auto’s any help the cops are using Drone’s now to bust your ass thanks for any thing you can do