Blueberry Autoflower - A Pot for Pot



Hey hey! So this is my first grow journal on the forum, and I thought it might be appropriate since I’m about to venture into my first soil grow. I am testing out the “A Pot for Pot” grow kit, and I’m using my ILGM Blueberry Auto seed. I’ll also be growing the same strain in my hydro setup, but that’s for later…

So one of these babies was snuggled into its Rapid Rooter on July 18th

After I nestled her in, I put her in a little closet for a dark 48 hour slumber.

Five days later

So I have had the dome removed for a couple days now. I just have this little mama sitting in a sunny window. Will post an updated picture tomorrow when I have some natural light. :v::purple_heart::low_brightness:


Good start…good luck


Thank you! I am normally a hydro grower so I feel very out of my element with this grow!


Good luck. And good job making that first post. Doggone forum almost as addictive as growing the things


With your previous experience, you should know how to read the leaves for issues.
Avoid fertilized soil/media. Best if you control what the Ladies get.


Day 11 from start, 7 days since sprouting.

Journal question - when you refer to how far along your grow is, do you include the days before it sprouted above the soil? (i.e. Day 11 vs Day 7)?

So the grow kit came with a jiffy pellet that had failed to germinate a previous seed, so in a stubborn attempt at using everything that came with the kit, I gutted out a portion of the already expanded jiffy pellet and nestled my rapid rooter inside, topping it off with some of the removed jiffy soil.


seedling needs pipe cleaner support.


I count from days above soil. And as tanlover suggested keep an eye on that stretch. Pipe cleaner or some other slender object planted safely into the dirt to support her for a few day wont hurt. Also if using a window remember to rotate her. She will lean into the sun


@PurpNGold74 & @tanlover442 - Thank you both for the feedback! I rotate the pot and change windows depending on time of day in an attempt to make the most of the sunlight. :sunny: So depending on when I take the picture, she looks a little different.


Thats more like it. Best of luck :+1:t5:


Soooo, over the past couple of days I’ve noticed that the first leaves of this seedling are looking kind of wonky. :scream:


That is… different. But she looks healthy


As long as she’s green and you keep getting new growth you’re good to go :+1: I had one come out all twisted and weird on the first serrated set of leaves and now she’s beautiful and healthy so your little girl looks great! :seedling: happy growing