Blueberry Auto VS Blueberry Fems (All Good!)


@Rugar89 @Screwauger @70sChick I moved this off the Garden and over here so we stay with the rules

They are similar but the BBA will flower at about 4 weeks so they don’t get near as big as the fems could @70sChick

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued

Are you going to grow the blueberry @70sChick


We have two BBA’S growing now


I thought I remembered that but sometimes I forget that remembered @70sChick I grew them as Autos and if they stay in my favor (One of the two was the BOM for October) then I will be growing more in the Spring.

And I have been following your grow… hahaha


Baahaaa… @bob31 I know it’s a lot to keep up with, :sunglasses::v:


:ok: then! lol @70sChick

I try to spend more time reading the ones that need help!

I think you will be happy with the blueberry for real. After about 3 weeks of curing I started to just open one of the jars every week and stick my nose in there and take in a big whiff. It just smells so good! Not that they need burping anymore, I just love smelling them!


That’s awesome information thx @bob31
I totally understand. It’s all good here. :sunglasses::v: You’ve always been good to help folks out. We really appreciate all the help you’ve given us. :heart:


my pleasure @70sChick I have gotten a lot of help here as well and almost daily I pick up a new tip or thought process about how things could be better.

One tip I missed though was how truly good the Blueberry is!


My two BBA’s are doing well so far. Quite excited after hearing all of this great news (and because I have 17 more beans TY ILGM).

Updating my journal later on this evening. @bob31 @70sChick @Rugar89


awesome @Screwauger looking forward to the update!

I think you guys are gonna love the Blueberry.

If I didn’t already say it, at a month old, give them a maintenance dose of cal-mag once a month and they will stay happy! @70sChick


In coco they are on a steady diet of cal mag from start to flush, so far they like it. @bob31


I had the two, one was fine the other showed deficient. Both got the cal-mag and both stayed happy. The one that showed cal-mag deficient was the BOM, lol.


Lol. I kinda figured that out back a few weeks ago… :seedling: They perked up right fast . @bob31 @Screwauger


Thats right your BBA’s are huge compared to mine! @70sChick wow they look great!


Thanks @bob31. It’s the Nectar For the Gods? Maybe? :sunglasses:


You know it might be! I can’t wait to try mine! @70sChick


Blueberry Auto


Boom! Absolutely fabulous @70sChick


Thanks @bob31
These things just took off growing over night!
I up’ed the NFTG to feed feed water and doing a rotation of cal/mag or molasses every 3rd week. I think she likes it​:sunglasses::v:


She looks like she likes it! @70sChick I like what you guys are doing over there!