Blueberry Auto Timeline

I have BlueBerry Auto flowers going and I was just wondering what a realistic overall time line would be? Like when should I expect them to start flowering? :slight_smile:

Overall time line you could expect to be 70-120 days. Flowering in 28-49 days. It is very hard to nail down exact timelines due to differing growing conditions. Pictures of your plant would also help

I have a blueberry auto growing right now. I just checked my notes and it had clear signs of flowering on day 49. The ILGM website says 55 days of flowering, so translate that to at least 70 days of realistic timeline.
FYI, I am currently at day 77 of total growth and day 28 of flowering. It’s really just getting started and clearly has a way to go.


Timelines completely dictated by personal growing conditions. I grew a BBA in DWC and it went into flower after almost 2.5 months. Never fininished growing since my lights were too weak to really get the plant to flower.

My next set of autos took 22 weeks.

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That’s a good looking lady.

Yikes! Ripe or not mine won’t make 22 weeks. I think they have 3-4 weeks left now.

Grew 3 crops of Blueberry this year. On day 49 now with current plant and it should be done in 14-21 days. All 3 crops were done before 66 days. Every grow they all started flowering in week 4.

Here’s an update on my blueberry auto from my earlier post and photos.
It is now at 15 weeks (105 days) of age and 8 weeks (56 days) of flowering. It is just starting to consume its fan leaves, so good times are in the future.
It ended up being really small, but the colas (even the lower ones) are incredibly dense and really sticky.

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Is that 5 inches? If so then I’m not the only one that can’t grow a Blueberry auto. I’m convinced it’s in the strain. I have a Beautiful Blueberry fem that is short but full of ripe buds .I have grown both auto and fem Blueberry many times and it always turns out short stubby etc. Top shelf bud but sorry yield.

Oh I see now it’s bigger. Good for you. Beautiful plant to grow not much on yield. I have gotten a rainbow of colors from there buds. Lots of fun.

Actually, that tiny plant produced just over 3 ounces dry. In grams per square foot, the yield was quite good. SOG is probably the way to go with Blueberry.

Yes SOG would be good. I was just examining a bud from a Blueberry fem that is amazingly dense and the Rainbow of colors they produce makes growing the strain fun. Autos are another story for me. Never had much luck with them.