BlueBerry Auto - Ready to Harvest?

Here is BlueBerry Auto on day 66 (9 and 1/2 weeks old). Shes short and stubby. Was thinking about flushing her and chopping her down in a week. What do you guys think?


This is one of 3 blueberry auto. She was the first to be harvested on day 88.

The other two weren’t ready until days 101 and 108
The lower buds look like they have a lot of white pistils yet. I think it would be worth waiting a little longer


Much appreciated. Thank you for the input. My BlueBerry Auto is probably a 3rd the size of that one.I will keep letting her a bit longer and keep an eye on her.

Here is a size comparison pic of her next to a 1 gallon jug

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She was about 22". The other two were 17" and 22". All grown in 3 gallon fabric pots.

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