Blueberry Auto Pics First Time Grow


this is my first time growing and i just wanted to get some feedback on how they look and if i am doing a decent job or not thanks for any feedback



They are looking good… What are your stats… (Ie) lights , temps , soil , exc… :slight_smile:



They Look about right so far , good height, def need some more info,


like i said before this is my first time grow and they are blueberry autos from ilgm. i used organic soil and they are about 5 weeks old from seed. im looking to get the best yield as possible. i dont have the greatest lights as i am using cfls but i have alot of them and from what ive done so far i am happy with what they look like but appreciate any help/ tips thanks everyone


Looking good :blush: so far bro


are there any nutrients that i can be giving them and how much and when. thanks for any pointers


have you grown before? if you had to guess do you see any signs of flowering? i am using cfls but i have 13 lighting the room and the plants seem to be doing great. i know cfls arent the best light source but for my first grow i am happy. i am just looking for any tips to help the flowering and overall yield. the temps stay between 72-85 degrees and i have two 6 inch fans going during the day. As far as my light schedule, i have them on a timer of 18 on 6 off. i have heard some people say they prefer more light and others that say plants need a break but i want more opinions especially beating autoflowers. i have been watering every 2-3 days and the only nutrients i have given is some coconut water mixed in with the regular water. thanks for any help and tips thanks everyone


Looks good great job so far


You could try fox farm nutts a lot of us here use them and just follow schedule that comes with it 5 weeks in is a little late to be thinking about nutts lol but you can still follow schedule from 5th week on
autos will flower on time not light cycle so your fine with your 18/6 as far as I know
I don’t grow auto I like the control you have over photo seeds my self
I’d say in another week you should see positive signs of flowering though
Good luck with your grow @pbs86 also I would keep at least one fan running all the time for air flow around plants :seedling:


thanks for the tips, and i will eventually get some of the fox farm nutrients but i was just wondering if there is any nutrients i can get from a local store that would help them flower and grow. i will keep a fan on 24 7 now that u mention it. if you had to guess? from the size of the plants how much do u think it will yield at the end? i know thats a million dollar question but id thought i would ask lol thanks for everything


I would hope for a few onces per hopefully
Your entering flower so you’ll want something higher in the P K rating not so much n needed in flower :hibiscus:
I would do a search on the forum for best Nutes
For Mj get a idea what range you need and see what your local garden center has available
You can go to fox farm web site they have a local dealer search tab enter your zip code and they will tell you if anyone sells it locally by you :grinning: But start with a good base nute system
Amazon is a good place to compare products and get an idea then you can look locally
As you grow more you’ll end up adding more stuff to your nute line up we all do lmao :joy:


What area you live in bro ? :thinking:
I would consider getting better lights for flowering , stronger lights equal denser buds bro
when you can afford to that is
That’s a whole other topic for you to research
I know my head was spinning when I tried to figure it out lmao
Just something to think about :v:️️


Just check out your profile @Bnunu
I used to drive learned in the army many years ago lol
I gave up class A license a few years ago because of all the regulations associated with having one and I haven’t drove a larger car lol in 15 years so it didn’t make sense to hold my self to all the federal and state regulations that I’m sure you know all to well
Any way just wanted to welcome you to ILGM forum bro
Happy growing peace :v:


Wow nice job so far , they look real good, and yes I have grown Blueberry Autos , check out bud of month Oct,
Right now you are on track to a real nice grow, and you"re about half way through your grow. Autos generally take about 9 weeks to grow from seed, some times a bit more but not much.
As far as adding nutes,you"re at a veg-bloom stage with a 50/50 mix to 60 /40 mix . Because I was adding nutes at various stages on my grow I knew where I was at, I don’t want to confuse your situation.
You still have time to order the Fox Farm trio, I my self have never used it , a lot of growers like it, its around $30 and shipping takes only a few days, your plants may be able to take up the nutrients quicker than other methods.
I have had good luck with" Earth Juice Rainbow Mix Bloom" amongst a small ton of other things (ordered on line) $20. I don’t know wher you live and whats available to you, its not growing season here so supplies are basically non existant in stores. You should be seeing white hairs by now, Ijust blew up you pics to take a better look, wow that’s a healthy looking plant, relax sometimes less is more, you have some great soil taking care of your plants, your watering should be 2-3 days
I would say order Something now and add a little bit of veg bloom during these last 4 weeks, and then some Bloom feed.
Oh boy were cutting it close here, what ever you do, Don’t over do it as you still need time to flush out the plant , what ever you do stay away from Miracle Grow. Keep us informed <*)))><{


hey thanks for the thoughts and suggestions, i found the fox farm big bloom and fox farm tiger bloom at a store and was trying to figure out which one i should use first. i went with the big bloom since im pretty sure my plants are just starting to flower. i will add some tiger bloom once they begin to flower a bit more. anyways this is my first grow as i have said and i feel like i have done a decent job. the only other thing i have done is so LST of the branches by pulling them down slightly and tying them so light can get spread easily. i am hoping that they might flower in time for the bod of the month contest, that would be awesome.


You’re doing an outstanding job CFL’s will grow what you need man I’ve seen it done several times I even use them along with my LEDs keep up the good work please feel free to ask any questions anyone will be Able to help you succeed with what you want


I too agree that CFLs are pretty awesome and do a pretty good job… only problem with them is after six months the light frequency starts to degrade and the wavelength… anything after 8 to 10 months of continuous use and you have to worry about them Catching Fire …so please be aware of that… any and all Growers using CFLs… please big warning… if they’re not screwed into a metal some sort of fixture and there hanging from just a cord be aware that there’s a huge opportunity for a fire to climb that cord and reach anything else in its path… I’ve actually walked in on my CFLs actually on fire…:fearful::angry: that’s when I decided to stop using them… but like I said they are capable of doing the job… :slight_smile:



Absolutely agree 100% if you do decide to upgrade LED is a very cheap way to do so but you will want to talk with people to find the right light that works for you


I’m at work right now but I believe you’ll use them together
If you didn’t get feeding schedule when you picked up ff at store go to there web site and down load it or I’ll send you a copy later bro
Glad you found some local :grinning:


i have a question, i am about 90% sure my girls are just hitting preflower being that it is about to be week 6 of the grow. how many weeks on average does it take for it to finish? they are blueberry autos from ilgm and it says on the info that it takes 65 days to flower. Does that mean 65 days from seed to finish or 65 days from flower to finish? my other question is about flushing. i have read alot about it and it seems like its more of opinion/preference? what do you think and do? thanks for any help and sorry if some of these questions are stupid but this is my first grow lol thanks. ill post some more pics in the next day or two. i watered yesterday for the first time with the fox farm Big Bloom organic nutes so hopefully ill see some good progress