Blueberry Auto How Far Am I From Harvest?

Hi guys,
I’m about 10 weeks in on this Blueberry Auto grow. It was slow to get going and then got a bit stunted for a bit then took off. So it has not been a perfect grow but it still seems to be coming along nicely. The trichomes are a mix of mostly opaque especially up top with some clear and some amber mixed in. I took some pics outside, hopefully they will help. Also wondering if I should start flushing at this point or if I can still add nutes?


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3 weeks maybe more how long had it been flowering?

Still keep with the nutrients when the hairs start looking like this I’d think about maybe flushing what type of medium are u in. Also ur leaves look really dark green but could be just the plant itself. Or could be a hair bit of to much nitrogen.

look for the hairs to start turning into the bud u can get ririd of a bunch of fan leaves on her also to bulk ur flowers up

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Basically I would take anything fan leave wise that has a stem sticking out of it. Or u can leave then but I noticed a huge difference in my bud growth

Ok didn’t think of removing a bunch of the fan leaves. I will remove some and see how it goes. It started flowering about 5 weeks ago. I will cut back on the nitrogen and stick more with the Phosphorus and potassium. Im using botanicare products mostly. So if I understand you right, when the hairs start turning mostly brown and curling back in your getting close and can begin flushing like in your pic? Is it ok that I am seeing some ambers at this point? They are on the leaves mostly that are sticking out of the bud.

This really is the most confusing part of the grow.


That’s fine u dony pay attention to them. Look at the buds themselves I’m betting ur mostly clear

Yes wait till the hairs start turning into the buds. U will wanna hold off as long as possible they will do a huge swell in the last 2 weeks and get heavy


I finished two blueberry Autos recently I look back in my notes from seed to harvest 1 was 110 days the second one 120 days ever plant different both had same condition started same day. As killadruid mentioned they put on a lot of weight at the end plants look great. Good luck finishing.

Wow. I was not expecting it to take that long but that’s fine as long as it stays healthy and comes out good. Still surprised at how well my t5 set up is working with some of the new led, and florescent UV and red spectrum tubes in it. The Blueberry has also been really low odor. In Fact it smells great kind of like a nice fruity air freshener. Best part is when you hit the plant with a flashlight at night. It just sparkles all over the place. I think I’m addicted.

These are my blueberry autos


Looking awesome Worley! Those are some giant colas! When did you start thinning out the fan leaves?


The fruity Aroma really comes out when you get it dried and put into jars for curing. Blueberry Autos one of my favorites to grow.

Thanks, good to know.

About a week ago

Hi Killadruid,

I trimmed her down yesterday and I’m already seeing an improvement in bud growth. Plus plenty more light getting to the bottom buds. Looking forward to seeing how she does in the next week. Thanks again for the tip.


Nice she looks good she was happy to get her hair cut.

At what stage of the grow? What week of flower?
What % of fans did you leave on?

Sorry to OP didn’t mean to hijack, you are getting good advice here, your still really early.
Do you have a USB microscope for when you need to watch the tricombs?

Hi Nicky,

Thanks for responding. Yes I have been getting good advice here. I’m in about week 5-6 of flower. The leaves that I left on are mostly just the ones coming directly out of the bud without any stem showing. I did leave some with stems showing but not a lot. All sugar leaves are still intact. It’s responded very well to the change and the buds are getting noticeably thicker and heavier by the day. I do have a 40X / 60X jewelers loupe I have been using to watch the Trichomes. Right now they are opaque mixed with clear and a few ambers. Ambers are mostly on the leaves.

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Ignore the leafs tricombs, focus on the buds. 30% Amber is ideal, if you like a more buzzy cerebral high then less Amber.

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I’m at the end of flowering and I trimmed all of the fan leaves. This is my first grow so I trimmed them on a suggestion from another grower. My trichomes are still a lot clear so I’m k becoming impatient hopefully they will ripen some more soon. My understanding is that removing the fan leaves allows the lower buds to ripen faster.

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