Blueberry Auto Harvest

Ok, so if my notes are correct I’m just starting week 5 in flower. Blueberry auto says 8 weeks flower. I want my trichomes JUST barely turning amber. Is it possible I’m really as close to harvest as I think? She’s definitely cloudy, and that’s where I want her…all cloudy with just a little amber starting. I don’t really see amber except on some of the sugar leaves so not basing off of that. Thanks!


You have little while yet. Wait until your pistils have turned and start receding. Then take a look at trichomes.

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Ok thank you. I’m glad to hear that bc a couple of my colas still have lots of pistils that have not turned yet and have some fattening up to do!


I am seeing some amber, but not a whole lot yet. Mostly sugar leaves though, so I know I need to wait a bit more. I don’t want to harvest too soon, but I also don’t want to go too late. I’m still in week 5 or 6 of flower. Is it possible to be this close to time already? I know I shouldn’t worry and I’ll continue to check daily, but feeling a bit anxious over it. Appreciate the advice! (Day 58 from breaking soil).