Blueberry auto from ILGM

Ok so got the trio pack Blueberry, amnesia, northern. All feminized and autos. My blueberry is 10 weeks and 6+ foot tall indoor… Yes I can understand the slight stress. Once I hit 6 ft and still only pistils “white hairs” I flipped to 12/12. Is this normal for this blueberry to be this huge ? And should i change the light schedule back? Did I get a non auto seed ? Many questions. But this thing is magnificent. Had a few runs with autos and never had one take this long or get this huge.


It’s possible it’s an auto but the actual auto gene didn’t take. In which case you got a photo but sounds like an impressive plant. But I have seen many post with absurd grow times with auto lately.


Pictures or it didn’t happen!

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On both ends of the spectrum.

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Those are six ft green plant spikes… Touching the bottom of the bucket. Stalk is the size of a quarter. I wasn’t ready for an auto to do this. Only FF Coco loco and FF nutes.

Nobody’s ready for an auto to do that. lol I’ve never seen an actual auto get near that size. I think treating it like a photo was the best thing to do. She’s gonna be a BEAST by the end of flower.

I have a hard time believing that’s an auto. I’d contact support for replacement seeds.

At 6’ before flipping, you would need at least a 9’ vertical grow space.

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Been on 20/4 since it sprouted. Had plenty of pistils at around 3 -4 weeks
I’m stumped. Looked just like an auto but then kept growing fast.

I think @Southerngal had something like this.

It got huge. Grew for months. She has to chop it. It never flowered

Beginner 2nd dwc bubble bucket grow

I think that’s the journal

couple days of 12/12 and she’s taking off. Boy I hope she don’t stretch too much. Any advice on what to do if she gets too close to the light ? Bending? Never had this issue with a supposed auto. It took off and before I knew it seems like it’s too late and the bud stretch is gonna burn or stress