Blueberry auto-flower question?


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Quite experienced grower. Did my research. Popped my Blue Auto’s 14 days ago. Put them directly into 4 1/2 (approx.) breathable re-usable shopping bags. They came up, are an inch tall, and there they sit. I can’t see any growth. I do think I over-watered the first watering, but, essentially they look incredibly healthy. Turgid to the touch (i.e. they are ridged when pushed), leaves look beautiful. Never wilted, or droopy. Only the two smallest have the slightest bit of yellowing on the first set of non-true leaves. #1 has bluing veins in the first set of true leaves. No bugs of any kind. New potting soil, unammended. Feed once with 1/8 MG. Temp mostly 85-90 F. day, 15 drop at night (I read where, under LED’s the ambient temp ought to be 85-95, because there is no 10 degree hot spot under the lights, as with HID). They all have the first set of 7-9 fingered leaves opening, but no growth. I am HOPING that they are spending this time filling such large pots with roots. So, soil, water, 20/4 cycle, all seems reasonable. I have a ph meter that will be here in a week or so, but my water is filtered from the municipal source, so chlorine and such are removed.
I think I did have the LED’s a bit close for the first three days. Pro Grow 260 at 12". Now at about 16", both spectrum’s on. In a 2’ x 2’ enclosure. Please do share any thoughts you might have.
My first auto grow. I an determined to master these, as I am intrigued by the short cycle. Thanks, Brother!



I think I read that autos pop, then take some time to get bigger. Be patient, and since I made this a topic (new thread) all info will be about your plants.

I definitely do not want to be negative, but I also feel that the slower growth could be due to the LEDs.

I am sure one of our other contributors with LED experience might be able to answer you later. Sorry I can’t give you a better answer. Peace.lw

I’ve never used them before, but from what I’ve read, they are legit. I only have a 2’ x 2’ enclosure, in my RV. I just thought that, inasmuch as they are so healthy looking (I check them under light from a 100 watt Reveal incandescent) at least the spectrum must be right.
So you don’t believe any of the 1 gram per watt claims on the WEB?? Back in the day, I used to take a pound out from every 1000 watt HPS, under somewhat crude conditions. O.K. gang - LED’s??

I cannot say that the newest LEDs are not better, but I think most of us still agree that HID is superior; With that said; In an environment and space that you have; MIght be perfect. As I said; I cannot wait to find out in real time what happens to this grow.

Thanks for understanding. If you want to copy/paste the message in mt “status” thread, please do so. Here’s to continuing Intelligent conversation.


By; Jodie. Cut from another thread.

See attached pictures. Very experienced grower, first auto grow. They came up approx 48-60 hours after popping. Auto-Blueberry. They have been exactly the same size for a week now. They are in approx 5 gal breathable re-usable shopping bags. In crude, but serviceable, soil-less mix, unammended. I have fed these girls once soil, twice folar, at 1/8 strength. Under Pro Grow 260. I have ph pen coming in 5 days, but I’m using tap water, which I always have. It is probably slightly high (i.e. 7.8 or 8). I admit to over-watering the first watering. I wasn’t used to the bags, always used plastic nursery pots. Maybe had the light to close the first three days. I should add that the funny thing is, they look as healthy, the plant tissue, the colors, the turgidity, all seem great. So, WTF?? Thanks for any help/suggestions/prayers/soothing rituals.

Not necessarilt in chronological order. .lw

 Well, I am old, and with age, comes patience.  As I said, I just want to know what's what.  I have failed a thousand times, but what's important is to know why the train left the tracks, not cry in our wine.  The B.B. are so incredibly healthy looking, I am just waiting.  With time and experience one learns, often the in the hardest of ways, to just look and listen to you plants, don't fuss with them constantly.  I remember when I grew photo-period B.B. - never saw a plant that wanted to be fussed over less.  It wanted water, and some solitude, if memory serves.  Hated fertilizer.  I have some White Widow ( oh, my sweet Baby, how I have missed you!) on my way across the pond, from your firm, naturally.  For this grow, which will start the minute the postman shows, I will have ph testing equipment, a high/low temp/humidity monitor, a power vent system (I couldn't spring for the light and all other paraphernalia in one month), and some other measuring devices.  I will keep exacting, daily  records, and publish it here, as a real journal.  
 What has frustrated me lately is that, compared to when I was trying to learn to grow (I got my legit start when I met a Humbolt County grower in  Kansas that left when they started the helicopter/SWAT team B.S. in the '80's), there is 10,000 times more 'information; however, very little of this 'information' is usable.  I mean, I don't learn anything when some teenage just getting used to being in a state of increased consciousness does a 15 minute video of some finished product in a closet.   What I need, as a former Academic, is scientific measurement.  For example, "ILGM's indoor W.W., under these conditions, was this tall on day 21".   Something to sooth my ever-anxious mind, in other words.  
 Well, I am a completely real person, and I am looking forward to doing this on 'our' site, and see if we can draw in at least a few intelligent beginners, and journeymen, as well.    I am Medically Retired, so my days and nights are my very own.  No time pressures of any kind. 
 'wood, I don't have any fantasy that the LED is equivalent to HID or HPS.  It's possible, I need to see with my own eyes.  In my teeny-tiny space, I did my research, and I wanted to take a ride, and she how she rides.  I must say, with just my eye to judge, I am impressed by the luminosity of the 260.  It is amazingly bright.  Hydro Hut's Pro Grow looked like the most cutting edge, serious LED out there, by my judgement.  Maybe I simply understood their spiel better.  

I’m doing a legal medical grow (that’s for the NSA boys), but, hey, if I have little left over, that I don’t need, well…I guess I would have to sell it, so I don’t have too much in the house. :wink:
Learning is growing. You know what we call something that has stopped growing? Dead. It’s dead, Bob. Dead. :wink:

I had some white widow seeds were a couple of them grew 1 inch and that was it, eventualy they died. One seed grew great.

What were you growing them in? Was it warm? Autoflowers are very sensitive to soil or growing media being too warm. It sounds like damping off, which could be from the soil/media being too warm or can also often result from over watering, cannabis roots get water logged or drown very easily, they need lots of air in the soil, kinda like cactus’ roots.

I wanted to add this since I am 50 years old and have been growing since was 12.
I have personally tried and tested LED’s up to 600 watts and believe. me when I say this that there is no comparison to the HID lights for growing robust plants.
I am sorry to have to say it but go back to HID and you will see a huge difference. I eventually was lucky enough to sell my LED lights.
Good luck and happy growing!

G’day, I have always used hid and have always been very happy with them I was using 2 600w lights but because of the extremely high cost of electricity I reluctantly purchased 3 300w LED’s im only using 2 as I gave 1 to my brother, I was very sceptical about LED lights I have only had one grow with them but I do have to say I am somewhat impressed they did very well plants grew just as quick and quality is just as good but yeild was not as big but still good nonetheless I am going to buy 2 180w ufos for side lighting to attain the larger yeild, for my purposes they are great because I saved alot on my power bill as they use alot less power and high temps are a non issue now and for that I save even more money as I don’t need aircon going flat out to keep things cool,
When my seeds arrive i will grow 2 plants under 1 600w hid and 2 under LED I will use cuttings of a plant that I will grow first to limit any variances of the plants I will grow them exactly the same in every way only difference will be lighting I will do a detailed jurnal and post pictures also so we all including myself hopefully get a better understanding on this subject.
Until then I hope you have success with your auto bb!

Cheers and happy growing! Brendan.