Blueberry auto first time

Hey guys I’m a first time led light grower is there anything I got to do different

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Welcome to the community ! A lot of Growers here use LED lights. Post the manufacturer I’m sure someone here has used it before. Good luck

Thank you the light I am using is a wakyme 1200 watt light

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Yes be more aggressive up the light to 20/4 schedule , up the ppfd if you see any praying, expect frustration.


I am not familiar with the manufacturer, if you are Past the seedling stage and have a veg switch and Bloom switch I would turn both on.

I plan using that schedule my brother it’s first time I tried blueberry hence y I asked it’s literally just finished germinating and gone into soil today

Just been potted today it has both options or both at same time

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Yes both switchs on at same time you need the wattage. Amazon lights blue purples, the advertised wattage is misleading.

Purchased from supplier so it should be ok. But I will monitor it closely