Blueberry auto first time with autos

Here’s pics of my girls weeks 5 on big ones and week 4 on smaller ones dont think im doing to bad have grown before first time with autos though so here’s my area currently one co2 bucket but starting to ferment out of a 15 gallon bucket to create more co2 feeding twice a week advanced nuts and aerating water with pumps to help roots roughly 65 to 68 degrees at night and 70 during day

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Temps to low raise it to 26c as clonstant as you can you’ll see much better growth.

now heres my girls week 8 blueberry autoflowers we have 4- 600 watt leds hanging on walls to hit sides then i have 2-400 watt hps lights as well as a 1000 watt hps we also have a co2 bucket hanging and co2 bag hanging also have 55 gallon of mash on the room fermneting and creating co2 as well dehu keeping humidity round 30 percent right now feeding twice a week with advanced nutrients ph 6.5 temp in rom avg 80 degrees started 10 plants in paper towel method old school 10 popped ten grew so far well see what happens ive tried to create the perfect environtment for them i mean it isnt hard temp light and co2 other than that nuts and ph are important but there doing great did some trimming off the bottom the leafy bs that sucks up the nutrients before going up i beleive in taking that shit off to allow more to go to the top where its needed