Blueberry auto - first grow

This is (almost) my first grow, a Blueberry auto, 8 weeks old. It spent about 3 weeks inside, and took it outside and another 5 weeks outside. I figure it started flower 3 weeks ago. 4 main colas, about 5 smaller colas. Coming into hot summer weather, how much longer… 4 more weeks? 5?


She looks good and your time line sounds reasonable, keep up the good work :smiley:

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Blueberry auto is usually 10-12 weeks from sprout. I don’t count the first 10 days in the dome, so about 8-9 weeks from putting her in her home. I take at 10-30% amber depending on how much sedation I’m looking for. You don’t have any red pistils yet so at least 3 weeks @Speedgeek


Broke out the macro lens to get a better look. Are the trichomes “clear” or “cloudy”?