Blueberry auto day 76- why so yellow?

Hi everyone.

Please tell me if I’m off track here or doing anything wrong. First grow. Slowly getting closer to end I hope, just don’t wanna screw it up at this point.

Seeds: Blueberry auto ILGM seeds

Day: 76 from germination

Soil: potting mix with 20% coco coir

Humidity: 30-45%

Temp: 20 -25 C, 15-20 C at night

Ph: constantly reading at 6.8

Light: currently 600W HPS with cool tube, had 600 W MH early on.

Light distance: until a few days ago I think I had it too close at 4’ from top of trees. Now have moved it away 12’ from top.

Tent gro cell 80- 1.5x0.8x0.8m

Watering: 1-1.5lt every 2-3 days when pots are dry and feel light.

Nutrients: currently feeding 2ml/Lt Advanced Nutrients micro, grow, bloom, big bud, bud candy, Cal mag, and 1ml/Lt B52.

Vertical growth has slowed now, so I’m hoping buds/flowers start to fill out.


Problem recently this week I increased nutrients from 2.5ml/Lt to 3ml/lt and increased water to 1.5Lt each pot. Fan leaves were getting more yellow. Leaves and whole tree went very droopy.
?over watered?? I increased ventilation increasing exhaust fan and let them dry out for few days.

Reduced watering now to 1lt every 2-3 days with only 2ml/Lt of above nutrients. Leaves are slowly perking back up. However increasing amount of yellow fan leaves still. Nitrogen deficiency?? Or is this normal?

Should I increase nutes to 3ml/Lt, but only water with 1Lt at a time?

Can I feed all the nutes I have up until final flush before harvest?

How much longer until harvest?

One on left has ?burnt top ?? Maybe from light too close? Light was at 6’ from top, now moved away to 12’ from top.

Also some leaves on both have a spiral appearance? Unsure if this is normal or some sign of something?

This is what they looked like on 30/08/18 , 10 days ago.

@MacGyverStoner can you please look at this

@MacGyverStoner what do you reckon?

It looks like the plant is using any left over nutes from the big leaves for the final budding push. It is normal for the lower leaves to yellow at the end of flower. The plant is essentially eating itself for nutrients. It’s completely normal.

It’s just like the leaf changes that happens going into fall it is normal as @Familyman said all though if you are only giving 1 liter of water, what size pots are you in? I usually give 1 liter per gallon of pot. This gIves sufficient runoff and helps leach any built up salts in your soil. I’d say they are hungry as you should still have 4 weeks or better before they are done. Autos usually take about 12 to 15 weeks from seed to finish you got 30 days veg then a 2 to 3 week transition period then 8 weeks of flower you want to feed all the way until the final 2 weeks if you just feed ph water or 1 week if you use a flushing agent

Top the plants looks light bleeched 12- 18 inches
Check heat with back off you hand if you can hold hand there with out burning the plants will
Be ok
The yellowing leaves towards bottom looks normal

Here a picture of my lsd they are yellowing as well

When the older fan leaves can’t do there intended job they will yellow and die off starting low and working up when you about yo harvest its not uncommon to have mostbof the larger fan leaves fall off


Also please stop adding grow. Ur girls are approaching the end of their lives and looks like maybe u added a bit much back in. The yellowing slowly from the bottom as they finish up is fine n natural. But those thin, extremely dark green leaves with curld tips maybe a sign of nitrogen toxicity. @Countryboyjvd1971 agree? I maybe seeing things. So just a hunch

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Mine look like that too, I am at week 9 and estimated I have about 3-4 weeks left. Seeing other posts simular to my concern is a huge relief to me.


Definitely shouldn’t be giving veg nutrients

I think the curling leaves up top are due to the light be so close but it’s definitely a possibility @PurpNGold74

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To me, the leaves seem droopy.

:+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5: Cool thanks. Tryna get diagnosing down. Soooo many variable :joy:

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my picture was take during dark cycle when it normal for your leaves to droop

Oh good catch I disn’t even realize I missed the grow nutrient

Yeah its tuff and im shade color blind so that makes it more interesting when trying to jusge colors lmfao :+1:
Good catch on nutrients too bro

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Haha. Colors are about the only thing i can actually see well. Numbers slip past my eye. And spelling… but im from tr durty durty south so screw grammatics. Thanks tho fellas


You kill it, bad eyes or not, @Countryboyjvd1971 :+1:

And your grammar ain’t to bad, @PurpNGold74 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yay I was starting to think no one would reply - thought maybe I needed to tag ppl.

Thanks so much everyone for helping me and the reassurance :pray:t2:

Pot size 2G/7Lt - I thought this would be done in 2 months - my mistake

These pics are not at night - I turned the HPS off to show the leaves color.

@PurpNGold74 @Countryboyjvd1971
Okay, I thought I feed all nutes- Micro & Grow & Bloom until the end? I had seen ppl distinguish between veg and flower nutes but I didn’t understand what we’re which? Cos bottle says use all.

So … I’ll stop using the grow nute?? and keep going with micro and bloom 2ml/Lt?

What about my other nutes- Big bud, bud candy, Cal mag, b52- do I use all until the finial flush??

I was hesitant in giving more than 1 Lt at a time now after they went full droop after increasing nutes to 3ml/Lt and 1.5 Lt feeds- I was unsure what caused the massive droop- aeration? Overwater? Over nute? So I reduced nutes, water, and increased airflow- and droop is getting better.

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You should get the feeding chart from the mfg of you nutrients im sure them have a copy available online

Follow there mixing instructions And yes you should feed until your final flush

In 2 gal pots you need to watch them when in flower and water when soil is dry
Pick pot up when it dry and water when it feels light most likely the droppy leaves are from under watering in pot
You should water until you get around 20% run off of what your putting in
This ensures you have completely water the soil
When feeding follows w the same run

Its normal for Leaves to droop at at night
And sometimes after a watering and feeding when they fill up with moisture

Sometimes it just takes us a fee minutes to find your post @PattyJean most ofvthe members follow many and the staff reads a silly amount each day lol
Tag me if i can assist
Happy growing :v:️ CB

You can give this a try:

Or, here is a chart:

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