Blueberry Auto Day 6


Looking good, the plant I mean. I’m a little tipsy whole bottle of wine. I hardly drink, but she looks good, better than my autos, 2 are deformed

Accidently posted my girls pic lol. But I have a deformed one also. Hopefully it fixes itself.

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Everyone has told me that the one that 2as already cracked when I received will.he the vest I’ve ever smoked haha. I sure hope that’s right

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Good luck with the grow

Looking good what kind of soil did you use if I might ask?

Foxfarm ocean Forrest with foxfarm chunky perlite

Is that the one with all the nutrients in it? because I heard it wasn’t good for seedlings. I’m still trying different soils myself as a first time grower is why I asked

Yes it is. The soil runs hot. I would use light warrior if I were you.

OK thanks good luck with your grow😇!!!