Blueberry auto 8 weeks no flowers

Hey guys I have a blueberry auto going , looks great bigger than in the past grows . I have had success with the seeds at ilgm and am a big fan. I was wondering if maybe I should start treating it like a photo and put it in darkness to start the flowering or is it just a waste of time I don’t know !


Autos do there own thing seems the happier the plant the longer the veg! But occasionally you will get a pheno that took after the Photoperiod parent throw her in 12/12 if she starts flowering then you know!


I’ll give it a shot thanks @Teffygreenthumb for the response !

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Hey @Teffygreenthumb it fired right up, 12/12 did the job. Thanks !

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Awesome enjoy I bet she flowers beautifully glad I could help!