Blueberry Auto 1st grow

This is my first grow ever. I decided to keep it simple and go with one of the Autos from ILGM’s supplier. I am pleased with the growth so far. Please take a look and let me know if this looks healthy. I am growing hydroponic indoors.


Looks great! :+1:

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Very nice! Welcome to ilgm! @Astrocreep


Thanks. Does it seem low?

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It’ll grow out. Bushy is good.


Some of the blueberry autos grows on here have gotten huge. Yours looks like it’s gonna follow it’s indica lineage

If you are using a good light source and keep it in the sweet spot the node spacing will be tight and the plant will stay shorter. Also the type of strain it is will also determine how short it will grow (or how tall)

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What do these spots mean?

You need to search and post a support ticket. My guess is pH related but let’s get that support ticket posted and we can go from there.

This is an auto. Should I be trimming this up or topping. I feel like this is getting tangled

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One of the grow mods @garrigan62 has a journal going now on topping autos,however you have to do it earlier than you would on a photo period.
Just remember that autos are on their own time line and you really don’t want her to be stressed going into flower cycle


This is the link to my journal. : growing 7 different strains they have been toped and trimed at 43 days i will tag you so you can see and follow

Team 101 { Experiment } Auto Grow, Clone Or Not To Clone Auto's

I’ve got a 90 day old blueberry autoflower. I’ve got it on 24/0 led lights. Hasn’t flowered yet. All the other autoflowers I bought from this site already flowered a bunch.

Are some autoflowers less likely to autoflower in 24/0 lights, and need some darkness?

By the way, these are QUALITY seeds. I bought 7 varieties, most sprouted in 1.5 days! I did lose 2 to the paper towel method, I think maybe people should avoid that. The paper towels at work kill them dead!

Thanks for the link and the info.

4 weeks

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@danl999 I would put them on at 18 on 6 off to give them a little break everybody needs to rest every now and then it definitely won’t hurt them and could possibly speed up the process a little bit for you

The one in the middle is growing the best. Definitely the biggest too. The other are not branching out much at all. The one in the corner looks to be all Indica …big fat leaves. I want to give it a little more time first. Plus I would have to switch the food to Flowering.

This one is all just the tops

I have been doing some bending with this one.

Opening up all the new growth spots