Blueberry Auto 17 weeks?

I just successfully grew and harvested Northern Lights between 12 and 13 weeks no problems. The blueberry that was started at the same time has beautiful buds but still has not formed any trichomes and the leaves are starting to Yellow and die off I’m still feeding. Do they often run this long? This is my first blueberry Auto I expected it to take around 12 weeks. Maybe 13 or 14. But we are at 17 with no trichomes… I think I just need to be patient but the sugar leaves are starting to Yellow…
Not sure what to do from here

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Can you post some pictures of the BB plant




Feeding Fox Farm. Ppm’s going in right now about 1100 coming out are about the same. PH water going in 6.2 coming out is about the same…
I water when the pot feels light. Flush every 3 to 4 weeks.
Light is a viparspectra 600 with supplemental light as well

Wow I have one that looks a bit like yours it’s a Sour Kush auto

It’s early April seedling so 4 months old trichomes are starting to turn finally. I pull the yellow leaves and I upped the nitrogen in feed to see if that helps.

What soil you in?

Maybe it isn’t an auto seed and was a Photo?
Those things sometime happen

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If you’re in soil this is too low and will cause you to start looking out different nutrients. Soil should be ran 6.3-6.8 with sweet spot of 6.5. If you’re in hydro/coco would be lower.
And as @skydiver said it may not be a auto.