Blueberry and white widow


Thanks my friend, I’ll definitely give that way a go


here are some trichome shots i have just taken today ,here’s some white widow





here’s some of the blueberry





i put them on 12/12 dec 23rd .i’m going to leave them for another week or 2 depending on the trichomes and then split the stems on them both ,thats the plan so far

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Looking fairly ripe! Blueberry is my life at the moment! @daz49


Thanks my friend, I don’t want to jump the gun and do them to early, I had heard from @bob31 that blueberry was nice, so you like it then @Screwauger brother


Yes I do, a lot. It’s tasty and potent. I let mine go to about 15-20% amber on the first one (pulling my second one a bit sooner) and it is killer. Not really daytime weed but I still like a nip during the day lol

I sleep like a baby when I am using the blueberry!! Mostly I am a “taste guy” and this weed is delicious and smells even better on the tray!! @daz49


Yeah it’s smelling pretty nice now, I’m looking for more amber as I really want 1 that knocks me on my arse you know wot I mean, so far I’ve grown some nice stuff and you really feel it through the day but nothing that you have to keep putting out or passing it on as it’s so strong, I went for a light leaf for the white widow and a dark 1 for the blueberry so I could tell the difference, I’m so looking forward to the blueberry now


They look ready real soon brother… got to have a magnum so you can save the stick for the split…lol😛 @daz49


I have quite a tolerance though admittedly Mr @Willd could smoke me under the table. That said, I can finish a joint but it takes me all evening and when it’s done, so am I. My GF has asked me what I grew because I’ve been going to bed so early hahaha

I’ve had stronger weed than this but it’s up there on my scale so yeah, let her get good and ambered up, you won’t be disappointed. I can tell by the odor outside my BBA2 is nearing the chop point. Stanky girl.


Thanks brother and for sure 2 magnums for the stem splitting, got it right first time so why change it just pattern it lol @Screwauger yeah I definitely want help with my sleep pattern cos of all my pain that I’m in makes it hard for me to sleep


I’m just getting into my latest WW and it really is a stellar strain. I’ve got another one going too.


Here are some colourful pictures from today

They are looking so colourful so I hope the camera phone is showing that for you guys

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They look delicious buddy!!


Thanks brother, yes I think so to, anytime now and they are ready to go


Those look sticky and chunky!


Thanks bro ,Not just look it it’s a yes on both fronts , and very smelly to lol this white widow grow is different to my last one, more chunky buds and fewer cola’s and different colours to, i’m hoping she doesn’t take as long as that one


I just got 10 WW autos and those buds are my inspiration lol. Nice job bro


love me the white widow,my cola’s in my last grow were over 22inches,and the strawberry kush and the white widow were the strongest out of the 4 ,including super silver haze and gold leaf which don’t get me wrong were a very nice smoke and not far behind ,i’m sure you won’t be disappointed brother


Beautiful ladies :heart:


Indeed they are colorful and those look very nice @daz49.

I think WW will be my next purchase.


thanks brother ,glad you like the look of them,the colours really are amazing this time