Blueberry and white widow


WOW @daz49! Gorgeous :heart: :green_heart: :seedling:


Thanks my friend ,around another 3 to 5 weeks depending on the trichomes ofcourse


@Donaldj hi my friend, I’ve seen that I think you know a thing or two about cloning and me i just ain’t getting it, i’m on my 4th grow now and only had success with 1 clone, and you can imagine how many I’ve tried, well with the seeds that I have with my blueberry they come as part of the fruity mix pack so I only have 3 seeds of each, so I would really really like to get some more of them, can you help me please


Remind me again later today on a mission fixing snow blower just ripped pull cord off and calling for another 12-16" snow tonight have to get it fixed or lots of shoveling


Thanks my friend, no hurry or emergency so in your own time @Donaldj ,I wish you all the luck fixing your problem


That’s good my snow blower trumped cloning instructions had to get driveway caught up and of course had to be -16c and snowing while I was working on it :wink: Just let me know when you are closer I am not cutting clones for another month or so so detailed with pictures how to would be that long away


Here are the new pictures from today

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co co cola. Very nice @daz49


Go Daz, Go!


Thanks you guys, glad you like em


Looking like some stacked colas brother. Really looking good


and another bunch of buds of distinction…thick and juicy, with lots of hairs still to change…nice grow


Thanks bro’s glad you like them, they have collapsed even more and pulled the scrog in at the front so I’m keeping an eye on them a bit more but I think they are still looking good


Looking great! @daz49


Nice job @daz49


that is going to be some yummy stuff


nice buds @daz49


@daz49 they are looking so yummy, not long now before they go up in smoke. Another good harvest coming up.


Thanks everyone glad you all like them, they are smelling so so nice right now


This is a water bottle cut in half. I use a rapid rooter turned up sidedown so it stands up on its own. Cut a little slit in top.Pre soak uour rapid rooters in phd water, u can add clonex to it too but ive done 100’s with out it. When u cut ur clippings off plant put right in ph’d water, i use 6.0
so air doesnt get in the stem. Then when im ready i dip them in great white and stick in the rapid rooter. Spray the whole clone again phd water and cover with top of water bottle. Set on a heating pad, and i throw a 60watt clf above them. 7-10 days they’ll have roots. Open the tops off your little bottle humidity dome once every 24hrs.Remove them in a wk and add a small fan enought to gently move the leaves but not a wind storm.
I hope this helps you some. I recently got a ezclone machine, spray jets not bubbles;I got 18 out of 18 with it and they all had roots like this with in a week. Not cheap but results were amazing.