Blueberry and white widow


Here are today’s pictures

So some of them are looking great and some I’ve had to tie together to keep them stood up

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Some are beauty queens and some all are just great smoke! lol they look great! @daz49 hows the finger?


Thanks @bob31 a bit sore to say the least lol that’s doing things stoned for you, yeah your right some will just be great smoke, still going to have some great buds and some nice cola’s,on my last grow my strawberry kush grew totally different to the other 3 and she ended up with the really fat buds and she was the strongest out of all 4


Here @bob31 lol

Shouldn’t try stuff stoned that you could get hurt in lol


bingo! is all I can say! hahaha


Ouch. I have cut myself like that before. It’s a tough spot to heal cause you keep banging into stuff with it. Goodness that makes me sore just looking at it, lol


Sore yes brother but a few years ago I almost dropped the car on half my hand and I almost lost the tips of the next 2 fingers by whipping my hand out so fast, another time that voice says that’s not a good idea lol


Wow @daz49… those buds are getting big!.. good work


thanks bro ,i dont think this is going to be my best grow but evry grow is good that you get great buds from and i’m sure i’m going to do that


your finger looks terrible but the buds look A-OK getting thick and heavy, they will be good medicine :grin: they have lots of growing to do yet


Thanks brother, yeah finger a little stoned mishap I like to think lol and thanks on the buds yeah fair bit of growing yet


stuff happens…what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger :wink:


lol, spread honey on it and put tape over the cut, works for the plants


Thanks lol yeah so they say but what about lung bulla’s and emphysema but hey I’m still stronger for it, even when a bone breaks it’s repaired twice as strong and the way we build up tollereances to stuff is by exposure when we’re kids i did tape it not honey though lol


Here are the white widow

And here’s the blueberry

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Very nice my friend :wink:


Those plants look great @daz49 how many more weeks to go?


Thanks bro they went 12/12 on December 23 so looking at it I think about 3 to 4 weeks but it could be an extra 2 weeks on top yet but you know I’ll be keeping close watch


Those buds are huge, gonna be a good harvest @daz49


I hope so, a lot of them laid down but they are doing really well but it doesn’t look as good as my other one’s but the kush was like that, but they are looking fat like my last ww so I’m hopeful