Blueberry and white widow


I love them @daz49 that tent looks FULL! (Us growers like it that way!)


thanks my friend ,yes indeed thats how we love it and i think its looking pretty healthy to


They are beautiful @daz49! Nice job my friend


thanks buddy ,its definitely looking like it has great potential


Heck yeah it does! :grin:


Mine are one week since flowers showed!


Awesome looking girls, how many pots are in the tent?


Thanks ,just the 2 x 5 gallon fabric pots, 1 white widow and 1 blueberry


Nice! Can’t wait to see what my girls do transplanting in the #5 today


Tag me along with your grow @Whitepot and we can compare as they go


Ok, so I just @daz49 and your tagged?


Yep that’s the way to do it my friend


Beautiful @daz49, amazing job :heart: :green_heart: :seedling:


Thanks @FreakyDeekie , I got them in late but looking good i think :wink:


Thanks @daz49

Your tent looks dialed in and your plants are all very healthy appearing. Nice work!!


Thanks for looking in my friend, maybe you could be my indoor guru, I have our friend wild for most questions but he is an outdoor grower, I like to think I encouraged him to do scrogging on his outdoor grow but who knows lol I know you certainly have a few grows under your belt and until my first grow in March, I had never grown anything ever before but I have done pretty well so far


Hey thanks for the kind words. I will get my system dialed in as well but I am not there yet.

I am always happy to help and the great aspect so far, I know where I made my mistakes so hopefully, I can avoid them in the future. Frankly, I don’t care if the plants are pretty as long as the meds are potent and plentiful.

Good luck growing forward @daz49


Looking very nice brother all gets exciting now on in


Good Growin’ my brother @daz49! Healthy, happy plants and a positive attitude will reward you well. Jah!


Hi all, well busy last few weeks, over the last week to week and a half alot of my bigger ones have started laying down so I’ve had to start tieing them all together, it’s kinda normal for odd branches I’ve found but this is bunches of them, so I’m a little worried, pictures to come later