Blueberry and white widow


thanx brother ,they are looking nice ,i just need more room lol


Here they are getting big and bushy

They are both looking big and strong but they really need to be in the tent all the time but the strawberry kush and the white widow are hanging in there

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Those are gonna get big in flower… Nice @daz49


Thanks bro, I just really need them in the tent now but I’m still waiting on the other 2 as you know


Big and looking healthy…you could write a book on how to grow! :man_student:


Thanks my friend, I just ask lots of questions, read a lot and try to listen and I’ve been very lucky, 3 successful grows including my current grow that’s in flower and not including these and that just so far this year


A couple of pictures from today

It’s a bit harder to get the pictures because there’s other plants sharing the tent with them


@daz49 we grew strawberry kush from ILGM this summer, along with super skunk. SBK didnt look like it was as heavy of a producer as the ss, but it did pretty good. No mold or pest issues when other plants in same garden had problems. Come harvest it did well, it was a pleasure to trim. Excellent bud to leaf ratio. Has GREAT bag appeal, and is AMAZING smoke. Very good medicine.


Thanks i have another thread where I’m growing super silver haze, gold leaf, white widow and strawberry kush, the gold leaf and super silver haze finished about 4-5 weeks ago, the strawberry kush I have in 48 hour’s darkness before I harvest her and the white widow is hanging in there, but as soon as that’s out then these 2 can go in there


How did the goldleaf go for u. Im planning on growing a few of those outdoors this coming summer, got the seeds on sale a few orders ago. And sorry i think the description of the strawberry kush was for a differnt thread, lol i just smoked a joint of that SBK… do u agree its great leaf to bud ratio?


I’ve done one gold leaf called goldy, she was almost 6 ft and big fat buds and this was her clone and she did well to but I scrogged her


Im reading some of your other topics now. Some nice plants! Not sure how my answer ended up in your thread,(other then that SBK has me like duhhh…)but im glad it happened. Good stuff here. Some nice grows


Thanks brother, I only started in March and my first 2 grows were just 1 plant at a time but they both did really well and this will be my 4th grow, I think I’ve done ok


I had some stuff going on prevented me from growing. But back at it a little while now. All the picts you posted look good. If you dont mind tagging me id like to follow along, i have a feeling its going to be a good read.


No problem would you like me to tag you in my thread that’s budding and almost finished


Thanks that would be appreciated


Here’s a few pictures from today

Got the scrog net fitted now they have the tent to themselves

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Here are some pictures from today

This is 1 week into flower, I hope you like them

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Out of likes again but very nice :+1:


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