Blueberry and white widow


Just the 1 atm with the white widow, I only have 3 seeds so I didn’t want to start them all at once, I hoped to be more successful with clones this time, @WillyJ @Myfriendis410 said they would give me a hand, I had heard they were good, how about the strawberry kush have you tried that @bob31


No I haven’t @daz49 I will be interested to hear your thoughts on both of them.


I will let you know, definitely the strangest grow I’ve had, mostly small little nuggets but some of them are stretching out and getting fatter, I’m not expecting a big yeild from it so I hope it makes up for it in quality


Yep, the crazy grows produce the best quality! @daz49 thats for sure!


She’s crazy tall but a very scrawny looking plant, never had one like it but definitely a funny girl


The blueberry and white widow are doing great

I put them in the tent when I can and they seem to love it

The flowering ones better hurry up at this rate as they are outgrowing their light garden ,I’ve had to extend it twice

I thought the white widow would do well but the blueberry is surprising me and getting quite chunky

@Willd @kabongster @Zombo @DoomSack @Coltfire @Capt_Seeweed @Ray4x @WillyJ @bob31 @Tylan


Looking great @daz49


Thanks i think they are coming along great and growing fast, they are surprising me


Here’s today’s blueberry and white widow looking good


@Willd @Zombo @kabongster @Tylan @bob31


And 3 more

@Willd @Zombo @kabongster @SmoknGranny @Tylan @hogmaster @bob31


The gang looks great @daz49


Thanks brother, they should be ready to move right on into the grow room when the other 2 are finished


I like that keep em coming! Blueberry is on top of my list. Very good meds in my book!


you are heading for one helluva well stocked medicine cabinet…what @bob31 said, “I like that keep them coming!” lol, seems you don’t need much encouragement tho :wink:


Oh no, I just wanted to have plenty stocked up to last from grow to grow before then trying to perfect my grow but I think with the strains I’ve chosen so far that I’m doing ok so far, thanks guys


that’s all I want…a comfortable stash to toke, vape, bong, cook with, be generous with, learn new things with (when the toys get more affordable)


Once I have plenty I want to concentrate more on the capsules as my basis, to try get me off of as many of my tablets as possible and then try different capsules and different plants as it does take a lot to make capsules , i still want to do honey and hash from this grow to and just starting to get down the edibles route, vaping I definitely want to do but don’t know how to make my own yet and sounds very complicated and that it’d take more equipment


thanks for reminding me…I’m outta cannacapsules…they are easier to medicate with but not as much fun as mixing with food or drink


Yeah my first grow durban poison i tried about probably 5 ounces as capsules and they were great but they don’t last and cost a lot so it has taken me till this grow to hopefully get a little ahead and then we’ll see how I go from there


Some sexy ladies you got there brother