Blueberry and white widow




Thanks @kabongster my brother for helping me out with the explanation


Cheers @kabongster for that


Repotted today ,here’s the white widow

And here’s the blueberry

Here they are squeezed in together, it’s a tight squeeze, do you think they will be ok ? Well they look good in their new pots, I hope they love them

But they are growing up nicely, fimmed them both aswell

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Looking great bro
Did you ever find dry ice locally @daz49


No, still looking bro, it’s because I’m in the middle of the countryside, just fields and forests and mountains around me bro ,my first time with the blueberry so I’m looking forward to that


Yeah I here you bro @daz49
You don’t need it so no worries


I’m still hoping that if I drive into the shopping precinct that I’ll be able to get some, for the kief brother lol


Looks fine to me! Good luck @daz49


Cheers buddy, I hope they settle into their new home but they are good and strong so fingers crossed


Looking wicked my friend yes that should be right don’t see why not


thanks buddy ,i think they are looking strong


Yes thay are very


i like the way the white widow grow but blueberry is new for me but they are a nice size


Ive grown ww it goes really well like ya said ayy!! I’m really looking forward to seeing what the bule berry looks like


she’s starting off well ,she actually was a weak seed and i fimmed her a week ago and she’s loving it


Oil is the best for all illness mate wid oil she will get better god bless


Here’s the blueberry and white widow, getting comfortable in the big tent

They are enjoying not being squeezed together under the light garden


Here are the latest pictures, since bringing them into the tent the blueberry is going wild day by day ,
White widow

And blueberry

I have them on 18/6 under the fluorescent bulb in the light garden but while the hps light is on with my other 2 that are on 12/12, then I pop them in the tent and they are loving it

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How many of the blueberry are you growing now @daz49 good meds!